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Implement HTTPS on Tomcat Server for Pega application


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We have an Tomcat App server and we are running Pega application on top of it, we would like to implement HTTPS for our application. I have been provided with CA certificate to implement HTTPS.

Process: To achieve this I have created a key store and I have imported the CA certificate into it and changed some configurations in server.xml file. I have also given Key store path and key store password. After restarting the server, I was able to browse the URL with HTTPS, but it is throwing an error saying "this certificate is invalid". As per my understanding, it is taking the key store private key certificate instead of CA certificate which is incorrect.

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Did you read it carefully?


(change 7.0 to the appropriate one in your case)

Also worth checking out:


maybe someone has encountered a similar problem to yours and managed to solve it (or someone has hinted at how to do it)

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