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Quantum Computing vs The Beale Ciphers


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Having recently read up about the Beale Papers and the seeming impregnability of its two remaining unbroken ciphers to cryptanalysis (even allowing for the possibility that they may be fake) I should like to know if quantum computers will be able to crack such so-called 'book ciphers'. I gather that the one-time pad cipher is said to be - when applied correctly - theoretically impossible to break by any known means, which may be a comforting thought. So does the same invincibility apply to book ciphers like those two (alleged) ciphers contained in the Beale Papers? Many thanks.


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I doubt it. Quantum computing helps with factoring, so it helps when when you have a number that's the product of two large prime numbers


an adversary with a quantum computer would still not be able to gain any more information about a message encrypted with a one time pad than an adversary with just a classical computer.

Whether a book cipher counts, I'm not 100% sure, but it's not the kind of encryption the quantum systems are supposed to solve. 


Trivia: I once saw that someone had addressed a letter to my workplace with the proposed recipient "Beale cipher crew"
I can neither confirm nor deny that such a crew existed


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