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Murder Mystery puzzle book. Who are the 5 murderers?

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Here is a cool logic puzzle fictional murder mystery book that was created by a friend to be used in a role play game world we are a part of. In it you must find out the four names of the killers plus the final 5th name of the leader. I am completely stuck. I think i am getting caught on the images and what to do there. If anyone has some downtime and likes this kind of logic stuff lmk if you can solve. I think I am at a loss.

From my friend: "This book consists of a series of 4 different murders culminating in a final riddle to reveal the person behind it all. Each of the four murders have a different killer that you must solve before will be able to find the fifth name.
And one more thing, this book may or may not be slightly very much out of order so you may want to have a pen and paper handy."

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