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Endo vs Exothermic reacions


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Hi  Just posting this here to ask if I am on the right track when explainign an experiment result.


I am setting up a STEM group,  as part of this I have a book aimed at 7-11 year olds that has lots of simple but still very effective experiment in.

One is Adding Vinegar to Bicarbonate of soda in a sealed zip lock back,  so when the two react the bag fills with CO_2 and then I guess splits open due to the pressure.

A second related experiment is creating a cold pack,  similar method, only you put some holes in to reduce the pressure build up,  this causes the reactants to cool.

looking at this explanation of endo vs exo thermic reactions.


Would I be right in interpreting the above an endothermic reaction as the bag cools down, so absorbs heat and cooling the surrounding area.

 I have a few other ideas such as crystal growing  ingredients such as salt, sugar.   Extracting Iron from cereals and a few others, that look interesting als have a few physics experiments I want to have a go at and the room we are using gives the space for this.

Hopefully being here will be useful to others too.

Thanks you for any help on this



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