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Hijack from Can some one explain this physics on how it works?


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If I had a choice of flying on an airplane in turbulence with screaming babies or a crackling tesla coil that moves like a wobbly hoverboard....I'd choose the f-ing jet engine.


Technology is people dependent.


I don't want to sail a submarine on hydrogen peroxide either. Sure it's fantastically better physics. 

But it explodes easily.

Which is why the Russians called such submarines cigarette lighters and the UK sailors literally named theirs "the Exploder".


Neither Navies continued the effort because people wouldn't put up with them.

So your ionocraft is a waste of time. No one wants to fly to see Grandma in a Faraday cage being struck by lightning 1000x a minute. 


Did anyone see "Ford vs. Ferrari"?


Really great movie. Can you imagine selling the ideas to the CEO of Ford? 


"People are going to love it. Real fast car. Just punches you in the crotch ultra fast. Blows your ear drums. Amazing speed. Phenomenal technology. Ruptured testes."

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4 hours ago, IDNeon said:

So your ionocraft is a waste of time.


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That has little to do with the question that was asked, and the rest of your post has even less. Please try to stay on-topic when you post.

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