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  1. Why did SpaceX lie about this? This is a serious lie. Falcon Heavy only has 3.4million lbs of thrust. Orbiter had 6.78mil lbs of thrust. What is the purpose of this lie? SpaceX also lies about: 1) being first to have reusable rockets. All of Orbiter was reusable except a single fuel tank. 2) being first to have a reusable spacecraft. Orbiter was reusable. SpaceX also claims achievement in areas that are not achievements. 1) using Methane fuel. This goes backwards from Hydrogen technology. 2) being able to land a rocket. Apollo landed rockets on the Moon just fine. Earth rockets just fall into the sea to recover them. I think #2 is particularly a problem. SpaceX is trying to appear relevant while not achieving anything of substance. Falcon Heavy cannot get anyone close to the moon. It's unable to provide enough dV by 4x. Its 1/4th too small. Other facts, SpaceX hasn't lowered cost of spaceflight significantly. Hasn't changed the dV budget. Hasn't built anything actually new. So back to the original question. Why did SpaceX lie?
  2. The US picks and chooses what it makes public just as the USSR did and Russia does now. US chose to make Astronauts fairly public but there are STS missions that are highly classified and we know next to nothing about. The US keeps somethings public to distract from other things. Russia likes to brag about its undersea capabilities while the US bragged about its space capabilities. The US is extremely tight lipped on its submarine capabilities and especially Sonar abilities. Russia is pretty brazen with the same capabilities even showing off its new types of towed sonar arrays. Arguably what happens under the ocean is more important than space. There's not a lot more to be gained geopolitically from space. There's a lot at stake in the oceans.
  3. Well the reason this is interesting to me is because we can see apparent structure in the universe, particularly in galaxies. Assume you see a structure that is a straight line crossing the center of a galaxy. Given the previously stated parameters we would have to say that the apparent structure is an illusion caused by the speed of light. The structure would be curved as previously described. If space time itself isn't rotating around the same gravity well.
  4. Not silly. I'm having trouble figuring out if a diver needs to experience a compression time when exiting a pressure hull or if once the chamber is flooded they are good to go. Essentially I'm trying to figure out if a chamber must be first pressurized by gas to equalize ambient pressure outside pressure hull or can that stage be disregarded as it is for a torpedo. A torpedo isn't sensitive to forces in the same way a gas filled meat-sack is. So...I can't assume that what works for a torpedo tube works for a diver. But it makes sense that it would work except a bit of discomfort when the water pressure goes from 1atm to ambient pressure at depth. So can you suggest which method must be followed to exit a pressure hull? Slow compression with gas then flood tube? Or just flood tube as only step?
  5. Russia made a great leap forward in space technology, when launching satellites from submerged submarines. I think the most important application for this would be to direct SLBMs more accurately.
  6. Nothing the US doesn't also do. Cynicism can only get one so far.
  7. I was quoting what was the official Soviet/Russian report that stood from 1968 to 2003 that an air vent was accidentally left open and Gagarin blacked out. I didn't care enough (until now) to look up the declassified (as of 2003) report and subsequent computer analysis. So now the official report is that his plane was knocked down by backwash. Testimony attests to this. I see no reason to doubt it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.space.com/amp/21594-yuri-gagarin-death-cause-revealed.html Russian Times source: http://rt.com/news/gagarin-death-truth-revealed-674/ Computer modeling shows Gagarins jet was flipped over by a heavier jet's back wash. I don't know about it entering a spin. Only Wikipedia says that.
  8. I'm not denying that either. What I've said over and over is that SpaceX has gotten NO CLOSER to doing any of that. China hasn't either but at least they are working with Liquid Hydrogen. SpaceX isn't even doing that. Quite literally SpaceX has gone BACKWARDS in terms of space technology. Landing a rocket is not impressive. It does NOTHING to get us closer to solving the dV budget problem What the hell is Musk trying? What's his stupid vision? Musk is a crackpot. If space travel were WW2 then Musk is the guy burning down airforce bases testing fire-bat bombs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bat_bomb Thank God Winston Churchill wasn't a cultist convinced that if only we build more bat bombs we will defeat the Nazis. RESULTS MATTER. Got that? America is in a "post-results" Era. Any crackpot idiot with money can convince people they are successful because they are rich. That's the decayed moral fiber of American society. I hope you to repeat after me. R-E-S-U-L-T-S M-A-T-T-E-R. So I'll ask again. Why did SpaceX lie about being the biggest rocket since SaturnV?
  9. Oof. Microgravity is devastating. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15887469/ Less gravity just means this detriment occurs more slowly. The question is how much 1g is required per day to maintain bone density and ligament strength at the attachment. As well as heart conditioning? Since heart conditioning deteriorates despite exercising....it's unlikely there is anyway around detrimental loss of conditioning due to less gravity. Need centrifuges to keep conditioning. Just for how long must it be applied? Maybe use them during administrative work
  10. They have better rockets and less budgetary constraints. Why would they NOT win? They also aren't wasting money on relanding rockets on launch pads just to save a few dollars. Saving a few dollars might make sense in a profit motivated industry that is knee capped by limited demand. But China doesn't care about those things and neither does Mars. Mars has no demand and no profit to be gained by going there.
  11. It's quite well understood that his plane crashed due to valves being left open that should have been closed.
  12. You should be concerned if you don't want them to win the next space race. Wtf? Your articles are flat out LYING. Is 6.78million bigger than 3.4million? If their rockets are more powerful than SpaceX's then yes it does mean precisely that. Sounds very naive of you. Like you have no understanding of geopolitics and why things matter.
  13. Why does SpaceX lie about everything? Here is an example: This is a flat out lie. Falcon Heavy total thrust is 3.4million lbs sealevel. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falcon_Heavy Space Shuttle total thrust was 6.78million lbs sea level. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Shuttle And the lies don't stop there. Will someone please tell me why SpaceX lies? SpaceX's biggest rocket is almost 1/3rd the thrust needed to match SaturnV. SaturnV came it at a whopping 9.2million lbs total thrust. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_V SpaceX isn't close to getting anyone to the moon.
  14. China isn't going for gimmicks. They are going for the Gold. They are using Hydrogen while Musk is pushing for Methane begging to cut costs anywhere he can to look profitable which he isn't. China doesn't care about profit. China's Long March 5B out performs anything SpaceX has. I can give a rat's butt if the rocket can land on a dime. Can it do the job? Right now China's LM5B does the job more than SpaceX's Falcon Heavy. This also is a bunch of lies. The Orbiter was more powerful than Falcon Heavy. The Orbiter had 6.78million pounds of thrust sea level. Falcon Heavy has only 3.4million pounds of thrust sea level. Seriously. Why are you a liar?
  15. Hahaha it'll lose that support instantly when it: 1) fails to achieve its assigned mission. So far all it does is Mail deliveries (satellites to orbit and basic LEO capsule missions) 2) kills people This to me is really sad. Why do we need THIS capability? It serves no purpose. It will get no one any closer to the Moon or Mars. Oh that's why he did it. Because he can't actually get to the Moon or Mars. When you can't do something useful. Do something flashy. Do you not understand why re-landing a booster rocket is meaningless? It is a waste of money to invent it.
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