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The Enigma of the Tensors

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The transformation of a rank two covariant tensor has been considered. Then we proceed to consider a diagonal tensor[off diagonal components are zero:A^(mu nu)=0 for mu not equal to nu] to bring out a result that all tensors should be null tensors. A link to the google drive file has been provided.A file has also been attached considering the file attachment facility that has been provided by the forum. 


Incidentally I tried the Latex with the code button.But I am not getting the correct preview.


\begin{equation}\bar{A}^{\mu\nu}=\frac {\partial \bar{x}^{\mu}}{\partial x^{\alpha}}\frac {\partial \bar{x}^{\nu}}{\partial x^{\beta}}A^{\alpha \beta}\end {equation}


\[{\ bar{A}}^{\mu\nu}=\frac {\partial {\bar{x}}^{\mu}}{\partial x^{\alpha}}\ frac{\partial {\bar{x}}^{\nu}}{\partial x^{\beta}}\]

Currently for a long time I am not a frequent user of Latex thanks to the equation bar of MS Word. But I do appreciate,like many others, the application of Latex in various forums.Help is being requested from the forum regarding Latex.Thanking in advance for help provided..



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[math]\begin{equation}\bar{A}^{\mu\nu}=\frac {\partial \bar{x}^{\mu}}{\partial x^{\alpha}}\frac {\partial \bar{x}^{\nu}}{\partial x^{\beta}}A^{\alpha \beta}\end {equation} [/math]


math]\begin{equation}\bar{A}^{\mu\nu}=\frac {\partial \bar{x}^{\mu}}{\partial x^{\alpha}}\frac {\partial \bar{x}^{\nu}}{\partial x^{\beta}}A^{\alpha \beta}\end {equation} [/math


Your LaTex works just fine, but you need to put it between [math] [/math] brackets as shown.

I have taken off the first and last square brackets to show how.

Also ScienceForums has a program glitch where you have to refresh you page in the browser after writing to be able see the result of the code.

You may also like to use the size dropdown menu to force an increase in the font size as the site defaults to a very tiny one.


There are also some other options I could suggest if you are interested.

In its defence, however, this site is the only one I now that still offers super and subscript as standard, which is very valuable as markup is not then required.
Sadly more advance mathematical formating such as fractions, is not directly available.

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