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"And I Don't Care What it Is!:Total Sociological Hypocrisy Full Circle in Alabama"

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Imagine a Korean American in Alabama exclaiming "And I Don't Care What it Is!"

When Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed 'https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_I_don't_care_what_it_is" he took a 1st inaugural address attitude "https://www.bartleby.com/124/pres54.html" toward said here the "abiding faith of our fathers" to be Presbyterianism. 

Many people could publicly note that Jefferson Davis proclaimed the Spirit of Independence of our Fathers in the Confederate Constitution or Inauguration or secession speeches. What's more, we can clearly distinguish a further point in Alabama toward the Peaceful Period and pre-War movement of secession, of the constitution written there and that Spirit on display by the Flag. Its a Religious Flag toward a Spirit of a Religion in Presbyterianism.

How would Jefferson Davis see this Religion? Look in Britain today at the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_nations *Celtic Nations*. That's the level of organization in which this view of Church may enter. There is a Presbyterian Church of Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Ireland, and supposedly England as well. What we don't have a single Church in America due to politics of the normal form. PCUSA is really a "doctrine" as well as Presbyterian Church in America, so forth and so on, those are really doctrines of a totally new experience. 

Imagine a short song list we have here, "My Country Tis of Thee"http://www.songlyrics.com/america/my-country-tis-of-thee-lyrics/. The Puritan Pilgrim heritage is a distinguished from the background heritage, not shared by the world that is, that certain persons are here that arrive on a ship called a "Mayflower" and had a first thanksgiving and were opposed to Kings since Oliver Cromwell stated "God is King" And formed parliaments and assemblies that authored liberty in the Westminster Confession. That Puritan heritage is a specific one to have. 

https://genius.com/Gustav-holst-i-vow-to-thee-my-country-lyrics I Vow to Thee My Country is used in remembrance or memorial day services of the Commonwealth, purportedly originating from Oliver Cromwell, the Commonwealth a self-explanatory association of nations again of the British Empire. Many Roman Catholics and other Religions fail to account for the Israeli King's claim or how he viewed the peace of Nations. 

Many scary alternatives exist today , such as , 400 million catholics , do you foolishly see yourself enjoying freedom of opinion, speech, or religion, in such a case? Would we all agree that the Muslim Caliphate through history, of a singular Arabic language body against all racial design or national design, would engulf Scotland or the Scottish Church for instance with justification and righteousness when given the chance. The PCUSA is around a million elderly dwindling persons since there were 7 million before Eisenhower's work, nearly a persecution. It formed the idea around a "League of Nations" as a religious design. 

https://lyricstranslate.com/en/national-anthems-alabama-lyrics.html The Anthem "Alabama" as a state song has confirmably the most old english of any State song. I skip various markers elsewhere for Alabama to be recognizing the Spirit of all the States and French Louisiana, to be recognized in Presbyterianism regardless of all Unions , United Kingdoms , or States, or Governments. Why is it States are hindered in fact in Presbyterianism?

Dwight Eisenhower making these choices of political realignment of a private Church has already brought full hypocrisy in America with Korean Presbyterians. Where all of God was to be against Communism and none of it for Slavery, markers in Korea are entirely against Communism, against President Eisenhower, and indifferent to his designs. Korean Presbyterianism makes total sociological hypocrisy in the political life of America. Whereas a Catholic speaks only Latin in Rome or a Muslim might share Arabic language, we delineate that not all members of Presbyterianism understand every member of Presbyterianism by certain attributes and particular places of living, as well, and why not the character of States, as well? A Korean Presbyterian in America is asked and forced to say "And I Don't Care what it Is" about Alabama in Presbyterianism while it claims to be the group of Puritans responsible for the Westminster Confession on display. Do you believe that is the case?

The idea of a visitor of Wales to Cornwall is more appropriate, than say, to the strains, and stresses of the models of Citizenship placed as a tall order on humanity, of people firmly attached to a homeland, on the side of classical and historical reason, Presbyterianism, or civil discourse. Many Presidents are in root of their outlook Presbyterians and confirmers of the individual outlooks of the States in early America. When do you believe such heavy upheaval will at least cease being persecuted? 

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