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  1. Who are we? Forward moving business? The UK has Defined their Patriotic Religions that you'd be Best to Mind as any True Britain, or what are you, not a Real Britain, and they have "Protestant Work Ethic", they have "Victorian Home Sweet Home" TV Series. So I'd show you that Dwight Eisenhower is against Greco - Roman heritage mislabeling things not where they're supposed to be. This is the sciences. This is soon to be base level editing of your Western Civilization Protestant Reformation map by Governments.
  2. You know exactly what they Were saying in those Soviet Republics, is that you're leveraging your money against the people. That's Exactly what the Communists are saying right now! You know I'd happily ball up 100,000 dollars right now of money from pure labor and hand it where I Want, and live the rest of my life in a car and bread loaves, has been foreseen, no complaints, and I'd also Happily Murder the Communists that are a total lie. Its the Same Thing! It is no Difference to what has ever been done by me or anyone around at any time. Someone Fibbing they'll Survive talking about how they have seen any assets used to leverage anything on anyone. You can murder these communists and ship them back to South Korea in repatriation in unmarked boxes to be filled in big mass unmarked graves, it'll have its own PO Box. With houses and such, its like the Gucci movie on TV, like impress people with Plans, OK?! Did I own my grandparents or any assets or ever have aggressive behavior or think I could or have a slightly off the floor bent over bow in my back about everything? Its bent over double that lies are more suitable to most people in their conscience. You know free speech is totally in danger with these and all your other rights, a total deprecation of all your rights will happen all at the same time.
  3. Deffo a bot? I can't help myself. You make terms you Never define them, you kick people, you make blatantly and obvious false statements... I don't think there is a robot or automatic messaging system Capable of anything I've been saying, ever.
  4. I'm a bollox again? You scare me, dimreepr. I'm totally blind how I get kicked all the time... Its not 1% a feeling, opinion, or a lie, whatsoever, as people remembered the aqueducts and civilization, the romans, interconnectedness from their rural areas, and found the Church, on the History Channel. Most of Europe is debates on a Singular Structure.
  5. Formalization and Structure of Religion starts in the remains of the Roman Empire. I don't see how formalization and structure of religion continues without suggesting civilization and an ingroup outside the national borders. A simple test of an iron curtain walled off society is this test that even the United States seems to fail. We require international media, connection, option, power.
  6. I guess I am slightly misunderstood. He doesn't get into detail that often on history specifics. There's 50 state flags out front of the Montgomery Capitol Building. Its a U.N. of States, in the future hope of a confederate meeting of the states at the Alabama capitol building again. Its where they met the first time. He meets all the Governors all the time. We had Articles of Confederation in the 1776-1789 period. Its alread a Nation. The 1789 Constitution forms the Union as a replacement and a 1st amendment, also a form of government of the Nation. Thats simple. They were both popular through the whole period, you can recall from all the Presidents of the period.
  7. That's a zinger. iNow says I left in a Delorean car the George Wallace speech. Might I be more interested to link this clip, especially since we already said Governor George Wallace didn't talk about "fire in a crowded theatre"... " "
  8. Returning the Confederate States relations was the example with Governor George Wallace. That was before the Constitutional 1st amendment that they're returning to. That's the only example. I'll get kicked if somebody doesn't like the posts.
  9. The word "Rito" still doesn't show up in any searches in that context. That was in connection to evolution in schools?
  10. I don't have a way to find out what "rito" is @dimreepr had used on the other post just now. Does Bollox mean you want me to change something there?
  11. I think the toughest free speech is the speech about changing the government that has protections for free speech. What were the fruits of that work? Making people confused about government? The fruits of talking freely in free speech about altering or abolishing government is possibly against free speech and also arrogant. Governor George Wallace said "You can't shout fire in a crowded theatre", "Free speech isn't an unlimited right". Where did it end up, saying that "Free Men" can roll back the clock and have Less Regulation, an unspeakable dangerous thing that "Free Men" rolled back the constitution of 30 amendments telling you what to do. Invoking the protection of the God of the Fathers of this Nation, a Nation from the Independence Declaration, government abolished or established by the people.
  12. There is a common debate considering Acts 17:26 today, that sure, I haven't a slow time accepting compared to any other student every subject for school and class of evolution, but, the private beliefs of Christians must be sought out and defeated that are compatible that God created and placed all the Nations has spanned many generations of Faith groups. In fact, I think the sedentary patterns of clusters of human beings does prove to be responsible in the last 5,000 years of genetic diversities.
  13. Everyone literally jumped on a thread to know an author of it as lacking? You could follow along with any google 'timelapse map' of Christianity and think a lot of deep thoughts from my overview on the Mormons, nontrinitarians, adult baptists, don't forget those coptics in egypt.
  14. I looked that up just to dislike and disprove your false diagnosis. Do you believe all Religion to be a mood altering issue? What is your background anyway? Would it be people who would have agreed with "I Vow to Thee, My Country" at 8 years old? Medieval Total War 1 and 99% Christianity provinces need to be 100%? We definitely know the wrong people today. We had the right people and we have the wrong people today in literature.
  15. @Area54 is going totally insane and projecting psychologically all his problems on another. I just statistically checked that 50% of new marriages end after these pre-arranged Muslim marriages prove not to be suitable matches. There is a built in 50% Muslim divorce rate at less than a year. There's three kinds of marriages and many types of divorce. You can read that Officially at every law office that Islam is practiced in any language throughout the world. Hindus are similar, or Buddhism, or Confucianism... You are here to Not Respect or Notice the Christian values from the 7 virtues and 7 sins in common through all this Nicene Christianity of lifelong marriage imposed from the high power of God through the priesthood pronounced in to you at ceremony, so God has brought together, let no man separate, till death do us part, by the word of Jesus Christ, God. That every divorcee is burning in hell is a short skip and step indeed. Atheism has its dogma, its repetitions, its talking points to converts, well and if they Became Officially a Religion they'd be less powerful in the institutions, organization, or anything.
  16. This is a thorough atheist job going on. Its about a flat earth, sky god, magic, nonadaptive, no observations today. What if its about the only cultures on earth that developed the unnatural institution of lifelong marriage, burial at death, something you get along with and you're short on time of questioning it? Welcome to the Parish. Anyway... About this post... You know , Dimreepr is incredibly apt about Constitution religion. I'd be happy for foreigners, I mean, the few international and reasonable voices to hear from. Maybe everybody here has a different definition on the "rational foundations of religion". Organization! International people should receive Less background. There's the complicated nationalist republics under the tricolor and the Christian collective countries in Europe.
  17. I'm sure there are many symbols a 7th grader is unfamiliar with on other parts of the forum. They're mainly symbols of communication between experts is how those mathematical or chemical symbols develop between experts. I'm sure they're not all thrown out of here for the 7th grader's level of comprehension and comfort. 4 billion people on this planet are under the umbrella of Religion as rational people. Religion sociologically is not so public, opinionated, and polled as to be a ballot box. You can examine and be versed in religion. Most people see those facts. Some disagreements are currently separating the Catholic and Orthodox, Reformed branches of Nicene Christianity which is 1.5 billion people. 1.1 billion people follow Islam. @Area54 I can't clearly tell how you were defining that exactly. The rational foundations of religion are constants, provable, and within the world we live, and mostly, can be visited. I'm proud of my examination and development of the foundations of Christianity in the post. You can hold it up as History and not need another. It develops the question if the USA were not "persecutorial" even of its ancestors, what may be allowed to be in existence. Do you realize that a President forming your religions without a debate on this internet anywhere I've ever discovered is a Civil Religion only? Its an arm of your Government is the form of PCUSA. By the way, "Seekers" of religion probably make up 1% of any of them. What if the Massachussetts State Song was everywhere and My Country Tis of Thee? That's how most countries and places are run. OR what about the Alabama State flag is verifiably a Cross and verifiably Southern Presbyterianism that ended in 1984? Am I unaccountable in Government? I am a State University student unchurched accountable to the Government in my reactions in Presbyterianism to the State. Its as if Religion is in multiple ethnic locations and span many peoples, a novel concept that is antithetical to the Belhar Confession.
  18. Discussing and examining the rational foundations of Religion. One can see that the early word of mouth or assorted testimonials were very moving for people. The book of "Acts" is the book of the actual work of spreading a Formed Religion to other Nations, peoples, and races besides the Chosen People. In 300 AD the Byzantines put together for the first time what we know as the Books of a standard Bible most used today. Many commonalities between the Hellenist religion of Europe and the religion of Christ can be seen. The Greek god of the underworld hades is defeated and the souls of the dead are released to heaven. The Trinity and Chalcedonian Creed controversies, they reflect how Hercules was made regularly with a woman as a half god from Zeus, while the Divine and Human nature of Christ is inseparable yet unconfused. They met in the ancient town of Nicaea and wrote the Nicene Creed. Nicene Christianity is the name of Christian governance from 300 ad to 800 ad for nearly all Christians. At this time, the Pentarchy associated and tied the Bishop of Rome to the Bishops of Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria. Constantine was Roman Emperor when the Roman Empire was split at that time into Western Roman Empire that fell quickly and an Eastern Roman Empire. Constantine is seen as a Greek or Illyrian. Later, Islam removed the power of Bishops from Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria. In a paper entitled "Better the Ottoman's Turban than the Pope's Tiara", it is obvious that the Byzantine attempted many times to reconcile and be very similar to the Bishop of Rome, but even with full attempts, there were many invasions by Catholic forces during the Crusades, and today there is a Latin Pentarchy established after the "Latin Empire". That is the name of the Venetians that sacked Constantinople and the Byzantines and placed instead a "Latin Empire". The "Latin Empire" allowed the Pope to claim he also was the "Pentarchy" and there was a Catholic office of the Bishop of Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria by 1100 ad. The Renaissance was a time when the Muslim attacks of the Byzantines and their capture of Constantinople caused Greek scholars to flee. Renaissance also means Rebirth, a focus on Greek and Roman days. The Greek Scholars spread throughout Europe. The Reformation of John Calvin noted the unity of the Church during Nicene Christianity and that no good Pope had existed after 300 ad. Rather than the Protestant Reformation forming superior groups splintering even further, most know this isn't the case whatsoever. Calvinism is tied squarely to Reformed Church and Presbyterian Churches. Presbyterians never used the word Presbyterian to describe themselves. As is often the case, academics assigned "Byzantine" for Eastern Romans where they would call themselves the true "Romans". The Bishop's War makes a distinct tradition of disunity due to the control of Bishops that is notable within the Reformed Church. The Great Awakenings occurred with Revivalism causing a wide range of other very disjointed and splintering groups in America. A President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower remarked how Presbyterianism should be run in the United States making a confusing situation of our "familiar" lines about Religion in America, when a President has successfully led us religiously about a particular Religious moral topic in America. That is a rational discussion and examination of the foundation of the religion PCUSA, which I'd accept comment here for this closed topic which are both fully non-soap box rational discussions of the foundation of religion and Thanks!
  19. Imagine a Korean American in Alabama exclaiming "And I Don't Care What it Is!" When Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed 'https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_I_don't_care_what_it_is" he took a 1st inaugural address attitude "https://www.bartleby.com/124/pres54.html" toward said here the "abiding faith of our fathers" to be Presbyterianism. Many people could publicly note that Jefferson Davis proclaimed the Spirit of Independence of our Fathers in the Confederate Constitution or Inauguration or secession speeches. What's more, we can clearly distinguish a further point in Alabama toward the Peaceful Period and pre-War movement of secession, of the constitution written there and that Spirit on display by the Flag. Its a Religious Flag toward a Spirit of a Religion in Presbyterianism. How would Jefferson Davis see this Religion? Look in Britain today at the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_nations *Celtic Nations*. That's the level of organization in which this view of Church may enter. There is a Presbyterian Church of Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Ireland, and supposedly England as well. What we don't have a single Church in America due to politics of the normal form. PCUSA is really a "doctrine" as well as Presbyterian Church in America, so forth and so on, those are really doctrines of a totally new experience. Imagine a short song list we have here, "My Country Tis of Thee"http://www.songlyrics.com/america/my-country-tis-of-thee-lyrics/. The Puritan Pilgrim heritage is a distinguished from the background heritage, not shared by the world that is, that certain persons are here that arrive on a ship called a "Mayflower" and had a first thanksgiving and were opposed to Kings since Oliver Cromwell stated "God is King" And formed parliaments and assemblies that authored liberty in the Westminster Confession. That Puritan heritage is a specific one to have. https://genius.com/Gustav-holst-i-vow-to-thee-my-country-lyrics I Vow to Thee My Country is used in remembrance or memorial day services of the Commonwealth, purportedly originating from Oliver Cromwell, the Commonwealth a self-explanatory association of nations again of the British Empire. Many Roman Catholics and other Religions fail to account for the Israeli King's claim or how he viewed the peace of Nations. Many scary alternatives exist today , such as , 400 million catholics , do you foolishly see yourself enjoying freedom of opinion, speech, or religion, in such a case? Would we all agree that the Muslim Caliphate through history, of a singular Arabic language body against all racial design or national design, would engulf Scotland or the Scottish Church for instance with justification and righteousness when given the chance. The PCUSA is around a million elderly dwindling persons since there were 7 million before Eisenhower's work, nearly a persecution. It formed the idea around a "League of Nations" as a religious design. https://lyricstranslate.com/en/national-anthems-alabama-lyrics.html The Anthem "Alabama" as a state song has confirmably the most old english of any State song. I skip various markers elsewhere for Alabama to be recognizing the Spirit of all the States and French Louisiana, to be recognized in Presbyterianism regardless of all Unions , United Kingdoms , or States, or Governments. Why is it States are hindered in fact in Presbyterianism? Dwight Eisenhower making these choices of political realignment of a private Church has already brought full hypocrisy in America with Korean Presbyterians. Where all of God was to be against Communism and none of it for Slavery, markers in Korea are entirely against Communism, against President Eisenhower, and indifferent to his designs. Korean Presbyterianism makes total sociological hypocrisy in the political life of America. Whereas a Catholic speaks only Latin in Rome or a Muslim might share Arabic language, we delineate that not all members of Presbyterianism understand every member of Presbyterianism by certain attributes and particular places of living, as well, and why not the character of States, as well? A Korean Presbyterian in America is asked and forced to say "And I Don't Care what it Is" about Alabama in Presbyterianism while it claims to be the group of Puritans responsible for the Westminster Confession on display. Do you believe that is the case? The idea of a visitor of Wales to Cornwall is more appropriate, than say, to the strains, and stresses of the models of Citizenship placed as a tall order on humanity, of people firmly attached to a homeland, on the side of classical and historical reason, Presbyterianism, or civil discourse. Many Presidents are in root of their outlook Presbyterians and confirmers of the individual outlooks of the States in early America. When do you believe such heavy upheaval will at least cease being persecuted?
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