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Can someone help me figure out what the noble gas configurations for zirconium and holmium are?

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I am currently working on noble gas configurations in chemistry and I am having a hard time understanding why I got two questions wrong on a practice.

The instructions for the practice are here:

Write out the noble gas configuration for the element. Enter your answer with all values without any spaces, hyper scripts or subscripts

Example: S- (These are meant to be in exponential format) [Ne]3s23p4 --> [Ne]3s23p4

My questions are:

  1. Write the noble gas configuration for Zr:

  2. Write the noble gas configuration for Ho:

My answers were:

  1. [Kr]5s24p64d2

  2. [Xe]6s25p64f11

I am still getting the answers wrong. Where did I go wrong in my configurations?

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