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Astatine as an anti cancer treatment

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I found an article on this via twitter which is at https://cen.acs.org/physical-chemistry/Astatine-chemistry-puzzle-shows-anticancer/98/i31?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=CEN

I am just interested in science here so tried to build the molecule from molecular model kit.  I am not sure if I have built it correctly though,  mostly between the C6H4At – and N2 portion, i have had to put a carbon to allow for the bend so assumed that is taken up with a carbon and perhaps 2 hydrogens,  (based on my limited understanding of this)  there is a molecule diagram on the above website,

I made a video (granted not very good with a webcam) of my effort and would like any feedback on if I got this right or nearly right please.


This is posted to my peer tube account so i can share here and on my blog.

Just interesting to build stuff to try and learn more,, The silver coloured atom is meant to represent At (Astatine),  I may have got away with using a green atom which represents halogens fluorine and Chlorine for example.


Thanks for any help on this,



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