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Cloud Security Modelling and Simulation

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Hi all,

I'm making progress in my research on Cloud storage security. I'm looking at incorporating both Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms (AES, 3DES, RC5, Serpent, RSA, DHKE, ECC, etc) into a system design such that the user can as matter of choice select any of combinations of the algorithms to encrypt their data before they upload to a cloud server.

My challenge now is a modelling and simulation platform or tool that I can use to model this system and test several possibilities.

Your contributions are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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4 minutes ago, Sensei said:

Do you have experience writing Android applications? Write app which is using Google Cloud from Android application. Does not have to be fancy.

e.g. here you have samples how to encrypt/decrypt data using AES:



Sorry you did not get it.

I am looking for a suitable modelling and simulation tool (eg MATLAB, OPNET, etc) that is suitable for modelling cloud encryption systems. thanks you.

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