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  1. Sorry you did not get it. I am looking for a suitable modelling and simulation tool (eg MATLAB, OPNET, etc) that is suitable for modelling cloud encryption systems. thanks you.
  2. Hi all, I'm making progress in my research on Cloud storage security. I'm looking at incorporating both Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms (AES, 3DES, RC5, Serpent, RSA, DHKE, ECC, etc) into a system design such that the user can as matter of choice select any of combinations of the algorithms to encrypt their data before they upload to a cloud server. My challenge now is a modelling and simulation platform or tool that I can use to model this system and test several possibilities. Your contributions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi Gidheon, Please what are those different research methodologies that you pointed out above? You can give me some, irrespective of their purpose with storage or whatever content to store, as you mentioned also.
  4. The chapter is part of what I am expected to write. I have reviewed several models proposed and implemented in the literature about security systems applied to data before upload to the cloud. i'm looking at an improvement to the existing system which is application of an encryption algorithm to the data. I can send you the background to the study so you can see. Yes, its technology focused, and yet has a dept of academic connection. The focus has been chosen already to improve on existing systems. The existing systems chosen adopt the BRING YOUR OWN ENCRYPTION, which enables the data owner to manage their encryption and keys. But yet, there are issues of data breach, because some data owners employ a trusted third party to manage their encryption and keys. Some, even after encrypting their data also send the encrypted data with keys to cloud server. Then, another uses Hardware Security Module which the provider has a sync with. Now, improving on these weaknesses is the focus of this research, and your guide towards the methodology is well appreciated.
  5. Ok, look at it this way. It's an academic research. The choice or focus is on encryption of data offsite before upload to the cloud. The algorithms (Symmetric/Asymmetric) will be considered, and ways to better apply them to the system when implemented to better secure the data prio upload to cloud. In the reporting of the research, section of the report requires Research methodology, and I seem to be at wits end finding an appropriate research methodology to present the report. Your guide is hence appreciated.
  6. I need a scientific research methodology, that can specifically be adopted in carrying out this research on Cloud storage security. In reporting, a chapter is dedicated to Research Methodology. Now what methodology can one adopt among others for a cloud storage security, specifically? I don't know if you are still missing the point.
  7. Hi Ghideon, Yes, am looking for scientific research methodologies that can be recommended as suitable in carrying out research on Cloud storage security. As ab extension, I will also not mind methods for information gathering, as it will also form great part of my work.
  8. Thanks Strange, Your contribution is heavily appreciated. However, what I'm actually looking at is a research methodology or strategy to embark on. E.g. Agile methodology, waterfall methodology, Object Oriented Programming methodology, etc. Which one is suitable for Cloud security, and why?
  9. Hi MigL, Please send across their contact links so I can contact any or all of them. Cheers!
  10. Hi all, Please what is the appropriate research methodology or methodologies suitable in carrying out research on Cloud storage security?
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