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Racism and survival of the fittest: Any scientific connection?

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17 hours ago, PervPhysProf said:

The issue is to mix. As opposed to allowing one man to have all of his creed as females belonging to him and separating the colonies based on designated appearance. All these problems arise when you have more than one man and mix several different types of ants, like the Xenomorph Versus the Red Hive in comics, it doesn't work out and two Queens are always at each others throats. Then on top of that you have segregation of genders in this society, instead of a bunch of Blue Lagoons you have a Navy that separates the genders into a miserable fighting force that fights harder because of their forced same-gender melancholy. God gave us genitals, and then you have Heavens Gate and the relocation of all members of the Black Panther that aren't the Emperor nor his son the Prince being mixed with whites who have their own cuck weirdness as a psychostimulant for violence stemming from Great Britain. It's all quite fucked you see, why not separate the ethnicity and to each man their own ethnic female. Black kids to black man, white kids to white man??? Problem solved, no more violence. You see with nanotech we can do these things, we can make it so that all the individuals can inhabit one vessel while have their females as a proxy. At least that's my paradise lost.


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