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Metal Complexes


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Good day everyone, 

I aimed to synthesize schiff base complexe with CuCl2. 2H2O.

But I only have an aldhyde Ir spectrum from which its schiff base was made?!!! 

Why this is happened? 

The reaction was as follow :

I added cu metal unhydrous ethanolic sol. Dropwise to hot  ethanolic sol. of schiff base then reflex for about 3 hrs. 


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In principle the formation of Schiff bases is reversible.
So, if the copper forms a really strong complex with the amine  it could drag the equilibrium back and form the aldehyde.

If you had strictly anhydrous conditions (and anhydrous CuCl2), you might have more luck.

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As OP is "Metal Complexes", a term beyond my exact understanding, I'll ask about some stuff used to control Dandruff in shampoos for such use.

One of such "compounds" which I do not understand is "Selenium Sulfide", used in 1% solution. My understanding is that this material does not exist as a compound, but is more comparable to an Amalgam. Yet, a ring structure seems to exist:


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