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Shower Steam Damage on Skin and Lungs


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When taking a shower is it a health hazard to breathe in steam, which may condense in the lungs, thereby drowning them and decreasing how well they take up oxygen? Furthermore, I've been told that steam from the shower can accelerate the wrinkling process, making you look much older than you really are. Can these problems, if they are problems, be fixed by having colder showers? How long should a normal shower be before it become bad for your health?

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Quite the contrary. If steam harmed human health, saunas would be condemned and announced utterly useless.


The condensed effect you feel in your lungs when you step into a steaming shower is only a temporary effect and is fully revitalized once your body re-enters cooler, more regulated body temperatures. A better example of something condensing the lungs would be smoke, produced from cigarettes.


No, steam from the shower cannot accelerate the wrinkling process. This is absurd considering natural steam enhances the body's physical features by the release of sweat, giving the skin a healthy look. Sweat produced by the high temperature of the "steamed" environment is good because it eliminates bad chemicals from the body.


You may have thought the wrinkles on your fingers, after spending some time in the shower, were the bad effects from the steam. This is only temporary and will go away once your body returns to cooler temperature away from the heated environment.


Hope this helps your dilemma.

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It's weird, i've been told to leave the window open (my shower area has a window you can open) to allow ventilation and lower the risk of some sort of hazard...I never really understood how it actually can be a hazard but just left the window open anyways.

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I read some local newspaper.

It said that taking shower has a higher chance of infected lungs by bacteria than taking a bath.

I guess bacteria is washed by the shower water and stay in our lungs.


In terms of removing bacteria from the body showers are more effective than baths, where you are simply wallowing in your own filth.

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