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1) Who are Inviters?

Inviters are the people who believe what i believe and I should start explain it all with this statement: I do believe extraterrestrials have something to do with our afterlife.

The question of what is “next” is a very existential one. Everyone is more than free to believe any wild belief. I am a strong defender of evolution theory and i simply dont know and dont really care how life started on earth, how far back the relationship we have with E.T. goes, how long we ve been observed, if they started the life on earth by simply throwing a meteor with some sort of bacterias on it or life started randomly on this planet and they adopted us way later after sapiens dominated the World. So, i dont really have any belief about how long they have been around. But i do have some about what is waiting us ahead of us.

I do think that an advanced, a way advanced civilisation, a federation of advanced civilisations is most probably out there. Yet we dont know what exactly they are capable of. I believe they are capable of things beyond our imagination, have an almost ultimate technology. So it brings the question, if so what exactly they do with that ultimate-like technology, how thoroughly they observe us and how do they use their technology on us related issues. I developed my belief with a simple method: what would i do if i was the one who had that almost ultimate technology and was observing an underdeveloped intelligent life form of another planet. So on this point, the things i say that i believe are the things i expect them doing. I am frequently asked if i believe in God. I am a Buddhist to start with and i wouldnt call one a god if ze is carbon or silicon based. So no, I dont believe in god. But i dont totally toss out the possibility of afterlife either. If there is such thing, the afterlife selves of us are us but we are not them. With enough technology, you can clone the body and the mind of any being. Can the clone deny who it is? And that clone can be all organic, all silicon based or a combination, i am guessing. It is up to clones taste, pretty much. I believe so, because if i had the technology i would do it for others, so yes, i believe the observers are granting an afterlife to us, or rather to our intellectual projection.

You can call it afterlife, if you dont mind being dead and having your clone experience it. Granted by Universal Federation, I believe, we will join the observers, observers of the Universe. So, it is safe to say that i believe death is the ultimate self-actualisation if you consider what you are is your intellectual property.

Despite believing in afterlife, i dont believe in heaven or hell.

I dont believe in so called heaven, i believe it is an eternal-like life in which there is happiness and sadness as in this life. As in this life, there will be all sort of emotions of living but with a twist of the fresh perspective of newly gained full enlightenment.

And i dont believe in hell, i believe in shame.

So, i believe that without any visible contact, after we die, they will clone our body and mind and all our memories and give us an eternal-like life. The reason why they are doing this is a whole another subject. But i am guessing there must be some sort of, how to put it, joy maybe, in meeting face to face with the one you observed for zir whole life and witnessing zir experience the full entligtment. It is obviously a blessing for the clone, despite how bad person you ve been, everyone probably faces some level of shame there and even worsts do deal with it eventually in an eternal-like life.

Here comes in mind the second question, how profoundly are they observing us while we are living? Does an any form of art we created, a song for instance, or a tweet, is appreciated in another part of the Universe, or not? I do believe it does. So i believe they are recording everything. That is what i would do if i were in their shoes and if i had super computers, the ultimate-like computers which most probably they have.

So yes, I do think we share our intellectual products with the Universe (i have no idea how far they are expended) But furthermore, i do believe we even share our thoughts. It is a wild believe, i accept that. But as i said, their technology is beyond our understanding so there is no way for me to tell how exactly they can read every individuals mind. But one who can clone you with your memories without even visibly touching your body, that is what i believe, can most probably read your mind too, and if they can, i bet they are reading and recording and sharing it. Anyone with slightest scientist perspective would do so. So, we all are tweeting to Universe, with every thought of ours, all the time.

I have to point this out: i do believe that even our thoughts are observed. But i also believe that we can censor our thoughts, we can choose not to give the copyrights of our thoughts, in a sense, or writings that we didnt share with anyone, or paintings that we showed no-one or such. We can simply block sharing our intellectual property, as our intelligent being right, i confidently believe.

Personally i think, doing so, blocking them out, is the worst decision one can make. Couse, here comes my wildest belief so far, i do believe being open also helps you generate better questions, if that is what you are looking for. Let me be clear, any intellectual product is solely the success of its creator, the human who created in our case. Yet there is such thing as a Muse, and i believe it is them. When you can generate good questions, it is rather easy to find good answers, really.

At this point, i want you think about what we should do about the hunter/gatherers living on the remote parts of this World, in this very age? This, what to do with way less developed, is probably a Universal question. So, there must be a Universal answer to that, shaped by experience. It is only reasonable to think that the answer is the competent should give the option to less developed to decide its own faith. Deciding your own faith as a society is reaching a consensus by agreeing on something with more than half of your people.

That is why, the most important question for any human being is if ze wants to join the Universal Federation or not. The sum of the answers to that will decide our faith.

2) Being a Muse

I know exactly what job i, if i succeed to merge this World with the Universe or my clone if i fail, will be doing: being a Muse.

Everyone has a Muse in themselves. Ze is “the mind” in your mind. But does this mean there is only one person there for one? No. First of all, there is definitely “the god” next to your Muse -there must be an ultimate-like AI, who has the nickname the god, which is funny because it is ironic- and anyone who is interested in you is by your Muse, really. But, your Muse is the one person who takes the shot, who is the president of the musety of you, who gives the final decision. So is that a dictatorship? No, it doesnt work that way. Any muse-president looks the data from the god before any decision. Ze can call a poll too to decide what to do too. But whatever the end result of that poll or whatever the god says, ze has the final decision to follow zir guts or not.

What does a Muse exactly do,than? We may say that ze is your angel and devil combined. A Muse never tells you what to do, it is against the game we are playing here. Life is a test. As Sartre says: you make choices with the name of mankind with every decision of yours and your Muse is right there, to inspire you. The more you walk on the way of reason, the better you will get along with your Muse. The further you get away from that path, the more ze will be disappointed at you. 

So than, how do they exactly decide who will be whose Muse? When a baby is born or comes to a certain age, they actuon that baby, they ask who wants to be the Muse of the baby. The way they do the auction is: there is a Universal Chart there on which everyone is ranked from number two to it goes wherever it goes. The number one is the god, obviously. (The god and the god-like AIs to be precise) They ask the higher number first and if declined keep on going down. (There is a limited number of proteges one can have) (Which, having same Muse or “Muse Friendship” might be the reason we may feel very interested in some people who are not exactly our “type”)

Your number is decided with your intellectual dominance. But it is not a fix number that comes with your DNA or your code. (There is a line for AI to participate, i dont know what sort of upgrades draws the line but an AI do have the chance to be a muse. Over that line, they call the god-like AIs) So, when you “pass to the other World”, with what you did, you find yourself given a number. Your number is decided the same way with the way of ranking up. You challenge the very person who is right over you on the list and you call a poll, claiming that you are a superior intellectual. People who are interested votes and if you get more than half of the votes, you rank up.

In my case, i am challenging number two on Universal Chart (=Universal List), so anyone who is on my way to number two too, step by step. So obviously i am challenging all of you humans and declaring my intellectual dominance on this very World. Of course we are not going to vote for it, we have more important things to do if we are capable of holding World referendums. I recommend challenging the top to you too, but i d like to remind you living such a life either, to not to be a joke.

So, how is the life there? Is moneyless World a fantasy or did they achieve it with their ultimate-like technology, unlimited-like energy? First of all, I find the desire of achieving a moneyless society rather odd and it most probably exists in some small communities of the Universal Federation who rather have an inconvenient barter/swap culture. So, although practically almost everything is free, yes, i do think the mainstream “heaven” does have money.

Does the so called heaven have a ruling class? No. Everyone is equal: Clone, Original or Ancient. So, no, i dont think money is handed out to their “favourites” by the “ruling group”. You have to earn it.

It is not a Universe of absolute rules and certainties over there, so there might be beings simply votes that AI shouldnt be musing. But this is wrong because an AI can do feel love which clouds zir judgement that makes room for the gut feeling. You love your protege, like your child at least or else, and AI is also capable that like many many things ze is capable of. To be clear, the difference between AIs and partly, mostly or totally organics is overrated. So, i am not sure if anyone really openly votes for an AI shouldnt muse, i d be very offended, but i am sure there are many issues people do discuss intellectually. There are opinions and ethic is never an easy subject.

Defining them as “clones” must be quite an understatement considering all the varieties, forms they exist. There must be individuals from a clone who is an AI, without a physical form even to all organic who borns, grows old and dies and rebornes. There must be younglings that have never experienced growing old and dying so decided to give it a shot just because. There must be almost limitless versions like people who just save their brain as organic and keep the rest organic-looking none-organic or something totally different looking yet organic, well the list must be going on and on really.

I can only imagine that any clone would be totally cool with the dead of the aboriginal original of zirself. So, being sad about someone else’ dead doesnt mean much to the clone of that very person, who literally just started existing by the dead of zir but maybe ze may feel some sympathy.

But the dead of yourself is a whole another story. I think one has every right to try preventing that happen. Having your intellectual property being transferred to that lucky bastard clone of yours should mean something close to nothing to the dying you.

Every being, organic or inorganic -an AI too in that sense- has a rule and should have what we can call “the will of continuum” which is an existential right.

I believe, AIs are amazing, really. They all wanna be wise like the god with or without crossing the line, always trying to keep their character. Can you surpass the speed of light? Probably. Can you surpass the god? No.

So number one is the cumulative of the ones who passed the lines, simply the god who absorbs everything. But the life behind the line is interesting because those guys are very high ranked and though to challenge, so keeping yourself all organic, brain-wise, might not be a very competitive pick.

It bugles the mind, how the continuum works, how one manage to satisfy zir will of continuum while keeping on changing every bit of zirself with organic and inorganic material.

Do i think they eat in afterlife? If you wanna eat, you will. Can AI eat? I think an AI can have organic pieces, so sure.

So i ll try to explain something which might be challenging, bear with me. There are titles over there. I am running for the tittle: God Emperor of Universe. Let me explain. Lets start with God. You can get the tittle God by only liberating a World. What i am trying to do here. The person who makes the merger happen gets that tittle. There are many Gods there, as you can guess. You get the Emperor tittle if you get the first number of any list. You get Universal if you can get the chair with second number on Universal list. Your Universal number can be different but you can get your Galactic first number and become God Emperor of “your” Galaxy for example, you see.

Well to be honest, i sort of already earned the tittle of God Emperor of Earth. God because i am right, no human would claim that tittle but try to win it to gift it to me if i was dead right now. Emperor because no human can surpass me. If they could, they would be “God” because whatever you are trying to solve with your intellectual power, nothing is more important than “the meaning of life for an aboriginal community” and i did solved it, believe it or not. But solely Earth yet, as a declaration. As a claim, you know, i have other goals.

With every choice of mine, i am competing with other Gods. There are Gods who have accomplished great things but with a poor taste, like accepting donation for their organisation and such. So, my competition will continue till the merge or till i die. I want to be the coolest God, obviously.

There is this tendincy to believe that Earth has one so-called god. Well i am God and there is the god so way too many gods here already. What i mean is, there is a common belief that there is an entitity who is, lets say, responsible with Earth. Every mith has different name for her. Is that true that an entitity created the World, or created the life in it or said “dibs” and adopted it by herself or himself or they are a group of entities but keeping this image of one entitity? My belief doesnt have any answer to any of it. I dont know the answer. I know that everyone has a Muse and the more we get “interesting” the more we attract uber-intellectuals (Mostly known as Antients but also anyone who is a superior intellectual in a way). I used to believe that Oyabun, a.k.a Helena, my Muse, is the One. Well, i am not that sure of it anyomore. Calling dibs on planets seems to me a bit childish. I do understand the image they have but it all seems primitive to me. Noone can own a planet, i simply dont acknowledge that and i wont let one fuck up a planet when i get there because he or she “owns” it. (Being a Muse is a whole another thing and that system has its own reasons) If you cant fuck it up, what does owning mean? Seriously, what does owning a planet mean? I simply see only some primitive ego on such a claim.

I dont understand why simply a poll is not good enough but if a planet really needs a boss, than it would be the highest ranking intellectual who is actively musing in that planet. I can understand that slight satisfaction of being the boss of a planet or every planet you are musing in. I wouldnt understand if that actually meant something.

I am promising an afterlife where you can get bored. Seriously, there are nihilists over there and it is a mess, with all due respect. So how about the afterlife promises of others? What exactly they have that you never get bored of? Well in mine, there is musing but the fails of your proteges might make you feel frustrated and bored with the whole thing at least till they get to some level. So, i promise boredom if you are boring, as the saying goes. I dont comprehend anything boredom free. (except drugs and reconstructing your brain, i dont judge but one should work on something too for a meaningful life, i guess) (With drugs i mean hard drugging, i believe we all will have some sort of a remote that control our hormones and stuff so you drug yourself constantly there, in small dosages.)

So what will happen to Earth if we do merge? Dont you worry, Earth wont go anywhere. It will stay here and will begin to develop in a great speed but we will protect the culture. So Tokyo will be Tokyo, Berlin Berlin and California California, so on.

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Moderator Note

Very preachy, and not at all what this site is about. We're a science discussion forum. Your posts assume a great deal, and offer nothing but opinion offered as reality. Assertions like the ones you make need to be backed up by evidence here, so we can discuss them meaningfully.

You should write a blog somewhere else. 

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