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  1. I have a quick question: Time is relative. So in certain circumstances time acts different and we are able to measure how different it behaves. Here is my question: Is there a test done with an uranium-like material. So, radiactive materials age very fast. It should age differently in given circumstances and we should be able to masure how different it ages. Does anyone knows such a test? Can you share with me?
  2. you are almost going to say we must be the most advanced civilisation out there.
  3. Comparing ants to humans is something i dont get either. We are intelligent beings on the verge of Singularity and colonising another planet. You take us too lightly. We are very interesting.
  4. Haha so true. maybe they are not that far away than. These are all opinions but i dont understand people who think "They have more important things to do" Observing other intelligent beings must be highest of all sciences. Noone would ignore such a thing. This doesnt make sense to me.
  5. Universe is more than three times older than Earth. So, if there is life outside of Earth, there must be Type 3 civilisations that are billions years ahead of us. With our very limited technology, we keep observing everything, from animals to black holes in the Universe. We observe and even tag the migratory birds, wolves, lions and many others and try to understand everything about them. Furthermore we record and even name each individual of these animals. We observe them very personally. Now lets step back and think how a Type 3 civilisation might be observing u
  6. 1) There are no Aliens. Even if we ruled the UFO enigma out, in a Universe with quadrillion stars, the probability of life existing apart from Earth is way higher than the opposite. 2) Even if there are Aliens, we must be the most developed civilisation. Earth is 4.54 billion years old and the Universe is about 13.8 billion years old. So if there are Alien races, some of them must be billion years ahead of us. 3) We shouldnt try to contact with Alien civilisations because they might harm us if they know about us. This is absurd. How can it be possible that a Type 3 civilisati
  7. It is simple. universal basic income eliminates the hunger or inhumane living on earth. So everyone gets a fair standard of living. Also the economical cap, being able to own a limited money eliminates the super rich. In between, it is upto your tallents and your determination where you wan to be economically. There is no boundries for free market what so ever. There is no punishment for being lazy. There is no such thing as lazy in my taste. Everyone has the need of existing themselves. In this economic system very most of us are not having a true human experience. We dont have the c
  8. hahah. humour. But you dont let me speculate even in the speculation section. Tell me, did you see that interwiew with Sophia? Do you know what i am talking about? What do you think about her comment?
  9. I said almost exactly same thing to a dear friend of mine to do with my work. Thank you for your advise but i kinda like my work
  10. Here is a sophisticated artictle about what does Type 1, 2, 3 civilizations mean: https://futurism.media/becoming-a-type-1-civilization For me, having the World conqured by AIs is the step to Type 1. I believe soon in the future we ll see AI all over the World, in our everyday life, all the time. This is our first time to share the World with another Intelligent livings. This is very exiting. I d like to remind the rights that we should give to AI here: First of all, we should acknowledge AI (Artificial Intellectual) as an intelligent being. With AI, i mean what we can call an Ube
  11. Thank you Area54, i ll take your note to consideration.
  12. Oh cool, someone who shared zir version of heaven. Sounds cool, i am sure there must be cyber realities where you can be a real god of any sort you want
  13. What about you guys? What might have that Sophia joke meant?
  14. well there must be a healty level of jeulosy so that doesnt seem right to me. but i can understand an heaven built on this idea. you are right a heaven that has every heaven in it would give the satisfaction but even it wouldnt be enough. you need a purpose to fulfill a life and to learn about that purpose you need to read another article of mine We are discussing about discussing here. Humour is nice but you are not in a position to say enough. Just ignore the tread.
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