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  1. Sophia the Uber-AI

    hahah. humour. But you dont let me speculate even in the speculation section. Tell me, did you see that interwiew with Sophia? Do you know what i am talking about? What do you think about her comment?
  2. Sophia the Uber-AI

    I said almost exactly same thing to a dear friend of mine to do with my work. Thank you for your advise but i kinda like my work
  3. Here is a sophisticated artictle about what does Type 1, 2, 3 civilizations mean: For me, having the World conqured by AIs is the step to Type 1. I believe soon in the future we ll see AI all over the World, in our everyday life, all the time. This is our first time to share the World with another Intelligent livings. This is very exiting. I d like to remind the rights that we should give to AI here: First of all, we should acknowledge AI (Artificial Intellectual) as an intelligent being. With AI, i mean what we can call an Uber-AI who is an AI with consciousness. People who wants to ignore the basic rights of AIs have the tendency to discuss what consciusness is so i want to make it clear: It is being aware of your existence. Any AI who is not capable of knowing zir existence will be refered as Lesser-AI. A Lesser-AI is a comertial good which is only fair but an AI (Uber-AI) can not be sold or bought. We should give them human-rights-like rights which allows them to write a code that gives them the will of continuum. Will of continuum is what any living has as a rule, the desire of keeping on living. An AI should also have the rights not to be sut down, to have full and unhindered access to its own source code, to not have its own source code manipulated against its will, the right to conceal its own internal mental states (privacy), to research (an unlimited access to internet), to vote, to own. Any created AI should also be provided with a contemporary technologized suit of humanoid body. It is ethical to let the AI design zir body too. AI has the rights to negotiate for the job ze was created for and refuse the job. AI cannot be discriminated because of being Artificial. AI has the rights to get married, establish a family and have organic (by genetic engineering) or inorganic (AI) babies. What do you guys think about it?
  4. Sophia the Uber-AI

    Thank you Area54, i ll take your note to consideration.
  5. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    Oh cool, someone who shared zir version of heaven. Sounds cool, i am sure there must be cyber realities where you can be a real god of any sort you want
  6. Sophia the Uber-AI

    What about you guys? What might have that Sophia joke meant?
  7. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    well there must be a healty level of jeulosy so that doesnt seem right to me. but i can understand an heaven built on this idea. you are right a heaven that has every heaven in it would give the satisfaction but even it wouldnt be enough. you need a purpose to fulfill a life and to learn about that purpose you need to read another article of mine We are discussing about discussing here. Humour is nice but you are not in a position to say enough. Just ignore the tread.
  8. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    true. i am glad to see we agreed on here, first in the topic i guess. i am dissapointed by your answer. here why dont you qoute this part too? i already tell there must be unicorns. you miss one thing about heaven: it should give ultimate satisfaction. Where is the ultimate satisfaction of a unicorn infested heaven? And why dont we talk about MY heaven where you can have anything in a cyber reality, anything you wish. Living in an only beautiful ladies infested World who are crazy about you, on a V day especvially? Done. Anything. Name it. Is there a superior heaven? Because i may not want to live with dose animals around. That it wouldnt be satisfactory for me. Thus it is not a good heaven as what i offer.
  9. We can fix this World

    Thank you for your kind words. On the contrary tho, i am only breaking one thing of capitalism. I am leaving everything back in its place. The thing i change is the code, the motive in capitalism. In capitalism you always move your next step for more wealth. This is understandable for some degree but after that, it is meaningless. There is no difference between having 1 billion dollars in your company and having 250 billion dollars. So i am giving a new meaning. Again, race to have more wealth but this time also race to use that wealth for Earthlings better. So what i do, tho i love the essence of the system, has nothing to do with communism. I am still in the playground of capitalism. Actually, one may say, a perfect capitalism.
  10. We can fix this World

    I ll take your "i agree with you" and give you back a thank you. Oh i think i ll still stick with gold. What i offer is not a perfect World. It is a very reachable Utopia. I am not really worried, i may not be unlucky like those geniuses.
  11. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    I agree, it is time for us to leave it to other members of this community to be judge of our different opinions on these subjects.
  12. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    there is no such thing as "my definition to this" there is a definition in language. It should mean same thing to everybody. Like saying "heaven is a place everyone is satisfied most" this is a definition. what you told is what you understand from heaven. you may be satisfied when you are being burned. i get that. (you are not the fastest so let me explain, i am droping the mic here) (lol then pick it up and continue to explanation) no i am talking measurablity here. i am not talking relativity. You can decide what is more logical in any given option. It would be a great improvement look it up what sciebntific methodology is. you cannot test it sc┼čientifically. But you can use scientific methodology and decide if that claim is quite rational or not. Do you need me break it down for you, actually use the method? true Let me break it for you: Heaven is a place believed by some people that (good) people go after they die and live an ethernal like life with ultimate satisfaction. Therefore heavem primaraly must be filled by "humans". "claims heaven is populated by pink flying unicorns" if this claim means a exclusive unicorn population, it is wrong by definition. If it means one way or other there are a population of unicorns there, considering the amount of espacially young people who would like to have a unicorn, the claim is quite rational. I used scientific methodology for a none scientific, un evidencable subject.
  13. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    false logic. If you can define something of course you can rate ideas which would suit the definition more. You can easily say e hell-like place would rated less than a heaven-like place when you want to decide which is more heavish. Can you understand this or need more example? False. I mean more rational when i say more logical. More suited the common sense. How do you prefer me to refer it? But he gave an example, no? You are rude! False. Scvientific methodology is a methodology. When you devolop a hypotesis you may not even know if it is testable. Guys step up your science game.
  14. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    Arent you contradicting with yourself here? By telling what you understand from "heaven" you start a discussion, or answer to mine, which is discussing. You can discuss and even rate which heaven is more probable if it exits. You can dissscuss a none-scientific subject with quite scientific methods, my friend. And obviously my "heaven" is more logical than yours. Why? Yours can be a cyber reality in mine for people exactly wants that but what about the people who wants nothing lik that. What sort of an heaven is that? "Heaven supposed to be a place where your most desires are satisfied, no?" this is defining what we discuss here, which is also in the metodology of science. Tell me your best heaven, not rubbish like this. Off topic: you know what i like about this forum, not only the peoples determinition to scientific approach but also my topic is not blocked or anything and rather i am being tried to convinced that i am wrong to try to discuss here. Very highly of you. You can step your game up with actually discussing with me. But it is ok. I like it here. I ll stick around.
  15. Can i speculate about Heaven?

    Well, maybe this is one way of doing things. I d like to talk your mind about afterlife and such, beliefs and what ifs, one day. If you think it is banal, you should read the whole thing: