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Habitable zones in Brown Dwarfs

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Interesting article...We can look at another scenario when our Sun enters its giant red phase: Will Mars then be in what we call a Goldilocks zone? (Noting that the red giant phase can last up to a billion years. How about the White Dwarf stage? 

Another thought: While Venus's dense atmosphere and subsequent pressures inhibit any human like habitation, 50 miles up in its atmosphere, pressures are equivalent to Earth's surface pressure.

here is a summary of that position......

"Landis has proposed aerostat habitats followed by floating cities, based on the concept that breathable air (21:79 oxygen/nitrogen mixture) is a lifting gas in the dense carbon dioxide atmosphere, with over 60% of the lifting power that helium has on Earth.[6] In effect, a balloon full of human-breathable air would sustain itself and extra weight (such as a colony) in midair. At an altitude of 50 kilometres (31 mi) above Venerian surface, the environment is the most Earth-like in the Solar System – a pressure of approximately 1000 hPa and temperatures in the 0 to 50 °C (273 to 323 K; 32 to 122 °F) range. Protection against cosmic radiation would be provided by the atmosphere above, with shielding mass equivalent to Earth's.[7]

At the top of the clouds the wind speed on Venus reaches up to 95 m/s (340 km/h; 210 mph), circling the planet approximately every four Earth days in a phenomenon known as "super-rotation".[8] Colonies floating in this region could therefore have a much shorter day length by remaining untethered to the ground and moving with the atmosphere, compared to the usual 243 Earth days it takes for the planet to rotate. Allowing a colony to move freely would also reduce structural stress from the wind".



It appears there are many stages in the evolution of a stellar system when goldilocks zones would be possible, with many changes as the star moves along its main sequence evolution, not to mention brown dwarfs of course and even planetary parameters such as on Venus.

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