Frequency of Severe Hurricanes

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12 hours ago, HB of CJ said:

Thank you for your non professional personal attacks.  By default, any possible further input by you concerning the subject at hand MAY be forfeit?  Also may not.  What you could have done is just say you do not understand.  Instead you resorted to feeble insults by killing this messenger.  You can do better than that.  Let's keep this on track please.  What you can do is contribute meaningful input.  Again, there is not enough statistical  data to make an accurate determination of hurricane frequency.  That is the subject at hand.  Please feel free to stay focused.  Thank you.  So far a D-/D-.


I could have said "Your assertions in this thread have been unsubstantiated and laced with an unwarranted self righteousness." Instead I chose the pithier partial quote of your own words. I shall address your posts with more seriousness, when there is something in them that merits seriousness.

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