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Synthesis of NaI


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2Na(s) + I2(s)[in excess] -> 2NaI(s)


Just make sure you do this experiment in a large, heat resistant container and that the sodium you use has had the majority of its oxide coating and oil removed from it. Then you put the chemicals in the container and heat it up until the activation energy barrier is met and the reaction proceeds on its own. Some may say that you need to initiate the reaction with a drop of water, but that can create some contamination with sodium hydroxide.

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it's much easier to get NaI than HI, Na and I2. just buy it. HI is controlled in the US because of its ability to, when used with rp, reduce ephedrine. I2 is hazmat to a degree and sublimes. Na is, well, Na. reactive metal. NaI is a pretty harmless salt

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I would like to make H202 with very cheap chemicals. Also NaI ! Does someone knows a good method ??

If you look for NaI, KI probably will be OK for you also. KI can be purchased online at virtually every raw photography chemical supplier. They sell to individuals. Some addresses:





Beware, however, KI is not really cheap at $15 to $20 for 100 grams.

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at the second link i found indole and tetrahydrofuran.


see' date=' that's confusing. indole is legal? people can just buy it and make any sort of tryptamine. and THF? great for certain organic syntheses[/quote']


I is unbelievable what you can get from raw chemical photography suppliers as an individual (I am outside the USA, I read a lot about watched chems in the USA, but where I live that fortunately is not a severe problem - yet).


Look at the list of chems I have ordered online in the last 7 years and which I now have in my home lab.


I think that 75% of all these chems is from photography suppliers, and from that 75% a large part is coming from the two I mentioned earlier. In fact, some of the chems I do use for photography, but some I just ordered for playing with in my home lab.


If I order chems, then I order many chems in one go and 10 - 100 gram per chem. That keeps costs acceptable and besides that, what is the use of having a pound of NaCN around, just for performing some experimenting? I do microscale experiments.


If you are in for pyro, then the photography suppliers are not the place to buy from. Purity is high, but prices are too high for pyro-applications. I'm not a pyro-man, so for me it is exactly what I want.

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If you enjoy sushi or are near the sea, grab some seaweed. Dry and burn. Gather the ashes which contain plenty of I- and oxidise with bromate, permanganate, dichromate, cupric salts or chlorine. Place a watch glass over the beaker with ice on top. I2 forms on underside of watchglass.


If react with sodium NaBrO3 get nice NaBr too.

Reaction with NaOH:

I2 + 2OH- = I- + IO- +H2O


Ive always wanted to use IO- for something...

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