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Phaulty fysics, shock dynamics, impact mechanics, devolution,... {Mediterranean sea, Hudson bay, Mississippi embayment}
  • Published on December 16, 2016
  • What do the Mediterranean sea, the Hudson bay and the Mississippi embayment have in common? It is my intention to convince that the formation process for these three geological features originates from an extraterrestrial source and that they are, in fact, impact craters, three of the world's largest astroblemes...Studying this from a geological perspective, the features, historical accounts, all the available scientific and observational data and once every detail has been understood, it appears that there is plenty of evidence to give proof to each scenario...



    It is my belief that approx. 13kya [YDB] the Moon impacted where the Mediterranean sea now exists, ending the Pleistocene and that this was the Gothenburg geomagnetic excursion, the "great deluge", some of the science behind the Bible and the reason for the mass extinctions, the instant loss of megaflora and megafauna...

The proof for this event lay in the ejecta blanket strewn field, covering over four continents and containing nanodiamonds which formed at temps exceeding 2200*C. That, and the fact that there are pyramids and temples, which were built on top of Chicxulub crater that are now buried beneath the ejecta blanket of limestone melt rock, the same limestone which formed the Ozarks and was ejected from beneath the Mediterranean sea...


When the Moon impacted it slowed the outer plates and mantle in relation to the faster spinning, crystalized iron inner core, increasing electromagnetism, gravity and the length of Earth's day, forcing plants and animals to grow more compact, smaller and to live much shorter lives, causing devolution and the birth of a much more primitive Clovis culture...


About 2500yrs after the Moon had impacted, a comet struck the Hudson bay, emptying out lake Agassiz, causing more extinctions, more loss of history and technologies and ended the Clovis period. As all this is written in the geography, sedimentary layers, ice core data and there is a magnetic anomaly directly in the middle... I believe this loss of magnetism may be from the cometary nucleus still attached, welded and magnetically to the mantle. The "shatter" effect of the islands and how Greenland was pushed upward to the northeast argue this point as well...


The former two impacts were discovered after an investigation into the formation of the Mississippi embayment and the shockwave pattern throughout the upper lithosphere... This research intends to prove that a meteor from the debris trail leftover from a sungrazer comet [C/1811 F1] impacted northeastern Marshall county, Mississippi on December 16, 1811 and was the actual cause of what is known as the historic New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812...The close passing of this comet produced a serialimpact, the mini ice age from 1811-1817, many eruptions, earthquakes, strange weather patterns, [wars, plagues] eventually causing the eruption of Mt. Tambora and "the year without a summer 1816". This was a global catastrophe...


I have just had a paper published entitled "An extraterrestrial origin for the upland formation of the Mississippi embayment and would like to invite you all to give it your review, as I am very interested in your opinion/s... I would like to recommend a great book- "Travels to the equinoctial regions of America" by Alexander Von Humboldt. In chapter 14 he has recorded many of the disasters which occurred at this same moment and in this area. At this same time, in December of 1811, Caracas Venezuela also had a major "earthquake" killing many thousands...


Please go over all the details, the satellite views, geography, geology, historical accounts, scientific and observational data, study the rocks [impactites]... as, it is my belief that the evidence will speak for itself and is written within the geography of this planet, I am hoping these findings will [eventually] be verified, to correct a great deal of misunderstood science and lost history and to hopefully have this put in curriculum...


...more evidence...


https://media.licdn.com/...GM5ZS04ZmRiLWM4MjBiYWIwZTc0Mw.jpg -this image shows the YDB strewn field. Notice there are no samples taken beneath the Atlantic ocean? The north and south American plates were on top of this area before the Moon impacted 13kya and is what split the oceans forming the Pacific and is the main force to produce the "ring of fire"... Notice the ejecta blanket could not have covered such a vast distance, as all the way across the Atlantic...https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3677428/



"...Airbursts/impacts by a fragmented comet or asteroid have been proposed at the Younger Dryas onset (12.80 ± 0.15 ka) based on identification of an assemblage of impact-related proxies, including microspherules, nanodiamonds, and iridium. Distributed across four continents at the Younger Dryas boundary (YDB), spherule peaks have been independently confirmed in eight studies, but unconfirmed in two others, resulting in continued dispute about their occurrence, distribution, and origin. To further address this dispute and better identify YDB spherules, we present results from one of the largest spherule investigations ever undertaken regarding spherule geochemistry,morphologies, origins, and processes of formation. We investigated 18 sites across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, performing nearly 700 analyses on spherules using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy for geochemical analyses and scanning electron microscopy for surface microstructural characterization. Twelve locations rank among the world’s premier end-Pleistocene archaeological sites, where the YDB marks a hiatus in human occupation or major changes in site use. Our results are consistent with melting of sediments to temperatures >2,200 °C by the thermal radiation and air shocks produced by passage of an extraterrestrial object through the atmosphere; they are inconsistent with volcanic, cosmic, anthropogenic, lightning, or authigenic sources. We also produced spherules from wood in the laboratory at >1,730 °C, indicating that impact-related incineration of biomass may have contributed to spherule production. At 12.8 ka, an estimated 10 million tonnes of spherules were distributed across ∼50 million square kilometers, similar to well-known impact strewnfields and consistent with a majorcosmic impact event...."


10 million tons over so many millions of square kilometers? 2200*C? What force could create such destruction? This impact basically sterilized the entire north American continent... [13kya]


Hudson bay-



As there has been some excellent research concerning the formation of the Hudson bay, I would like to refer you all to some work on the Nastapoka arc, though it is my contention the entire bay was formed from an impact and, if the plate had just entered near this position from a previous, much more catastrophic impact, the timing would be right for the Clovis period and the emptying out of lake Agassiz, as the rise in sea levels, sedimentary layers, ice core data [flooding of the English channel, covering of Beringia,...] would all coincide with this event and would make sense to be the result of a [small?] cometary impact, around 10.5kya...



"... The Nastapoka Arc, on the east coast of Hudson Bay, is almost perfectly circular and closely follows the unconformable contact between Archean Superior province gneisses and shallowly seaward dipping early Proterozoic Nastapoka Group supracrustals. Its form may be explained by flexing of the lithosphere due to loading by thrust sheets from the Trans-Hudson orogen to the west. Such flexing produces a peripheral bulge east of the coast which should be reflected in a positive gravity anomaly there. Gravity data averaged around the arc show such a positive anomaly, although its precise amplitude is uncertain because of local variation in the gravity field. Lithospheric flexure of the arc due to loading can be modeled by superposition of discshaped loads centered on the arc. For a lithospheric Young's modulus of 1.0 × 1011 N m−2 and Poisson's ratio 0.25, the present geometry of the arc can be reproduced only by reducing the elastic thickness to 20±2 km. The peripheral bulge predicted for the model yields a gravity anomaly very similar to that observed if it is fully imaged at the Moho. The absence of a regional negative gravity anomaly over the arc, despite a great thickness of transported rocks present at its center, requires that the crust in the region was unusually thin before thrust emplacement. The unusually low elastic thickness required for the model may reflect highly fractured crust. Both features are consistent with the former presence of a rifted continental margin in the region, as predicted for many models of the Trans-Hudson orogen..."


Mississippi embayment-

There is a central, semi-circular structure in northeastern Marshall county, Mississippi, extending partly into Tennessee, which every line in the topography emanates out from in a shockwave pattern. On the northwest face and near mid-basin, there is a central rebound peak where numerous unusual rocks were found with all aspects of impactites and meteorites with fusion crust, the appearance of nanodiamonds and shocked quartz.

Currently the evidence consists of the original accounts, newspaper articles, astronomers observations, impactites [rocks], dendrology, scientific data, immediate topography and satellite views.


On satellite, with the upper embayment in view, draw a line down the middle of the New Madrid bend to where the impactites were found in North Slayden, Mississippi. Notice thedesign in the terrain showing angle, direction and force of impact. Coordinates : 34* 58’ 31.38” x 89* 24”17.15”... should take you to a small field near mid-basin. From this point pan out to Mill Pond and Mill Pond Road, just where it meets with Early Grove Road follows the circular terrain of the inner basin. Just to the east of Early Grove rd. is a white sand creek [Early Grove creek].

Follow this northward, over the Tennessee state line, upward passed the Wolf river bottoms, through a tree line to the west and back down, to the other side and passed the western side of the impression. This is the first in a series of shockwaves, reverberates out many times to the edge of, and shows the same design as the outer shape of the embayment.

Pan out, following each river to the north, [the Hatchie River, Wolf River, Loosahathie River,…] shows the larger waves from a shock pattern that extends out to The Tennessee River on the east passed The St. Francis River on the west. Below this structure the terrain runs from east to west and is where the land was pulled northward to produce large chasms that were laterblocked by earthen dams to form lakes, [such as Arkabutla, Sardis and Enid]. All the semi-circular fractures throughout Eastern Arkansas and sand blows encircle this structure.

The crater has been subjected to extensive amounts of erosion, foliage growth and development, mostly because of being in such a fertile river valley. Once this is removed, all lines in the topography surround and point to this central location.


Reading the original accounts gives better understanding of what was actually witnessed. There were many to see meteoric lights before, during and after the first earthquake as far as Savannah Georgia, [way too far to be any naturally occurring earthquake lights]. Many to believe the comet had went down in the Ohio river or had touched the mountains of California. Lights were seen so bright that, at two-thirty in the morning a needle could be seen on the floor…


The astronomers observations agree. The comet was seen as fifty percent larger than the Sun in October of 1811 and William Herschel reported the comet’s tail becoming significantly shorter in November as it was coming toward him. Comet C/1811 F1 must have been a Sungrazer comet as it wasn’t seen from mid-June 1811 until the latter part of August 1811, which gives it the approximate amount of time for it to travel around the Sun, breaking it apart and then to pass in front of Earth, leaving a trail of debris and, as the planet revolved through a meteoroid filled dust tail for over a month caused several meteors to impact, one large enough to reshape the entire Mississippi river valley. On this same day, December 16, 1811, Caracas, Venezuela was also destroyed. Find accounts of the many disasters associated with the close passing of a comet at “Travels to the equinoctial regions of America”, chapter 14, by Alexander Von Humboldt, as this was more than seismic activity throughout the central United States but was a global catastrophe.ISSN 2348-1218 (print)


International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations ISSN 2348-1226 (online) Vol. 4, Issue 3, pp: (000-000), Month: July - September 2016, Available at: http://www.researchpublish.com

Crater coordinates:

Northern rim- 35* 00’ 17.25”N x 89* 24’ 27.52”W

Southern rim- 34* 58’ 3.25”N x 89* 24’ 22.25”W

Eastern rim- 34* 59’ 11.27”N x 89* 22’ 55.96”W

Western rim- 34* 59’ 15.18”N x 89* 25’ 45.75”W

White sand creek [first in a series of shock waves]-

West- 34* 58’ 28.86”N x 89* 26’ 16.50”W

Northwest- 35* 01’ 59.99”N x 89* 24’ 25.09”W

Northeast- 35* 01’ 05.53”N x 89* 22’ 37.80”W

East- 34* 58’ 17.95”N x 89* 22’ 37.80”W

Approximate crater diameter- 4.25 kilometers or 2.64 miles



[1] “Travels to the equinoctial regions of America”, Alexander Von Humboldt, Chapter 14

https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/h/humbol ... ter14.html

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[1] “Travels to the equinoctial regions of America”, Alexander Von Humboldt, Chapter 14

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[4] New Madrid newspapers, The Messenger, February 28, 1811 http://www.hsv.com/genlintr/newmadrd/newspapers/The_Messenger-Feb_28_1811.jpg fourth column near the top “…the comet appeared hazy an dim…”

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[12] “Model for the tectonic evolution of the Mississippi embayment and its contemporary seismicity” M.F. Kane, T.G.

HildenbrandJ.D.Hendrickhttp://geology.geoscienceworld. ... http:/ www.sciencedirect.com /science/article/pii/S0264370702000194

ISSN 2348-1218 (print)International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations ISSN 2348-1226 (online)Vol. 4, Issue 3, pp: (000-000), Month: July - September 2016, Available at: http://www.researchpublish.com


This is just a start, there is plenty more and there are a lot of good scientists coming to these same conclusions...


[...today, December 16th, 2016, is the 205th anniversary of when a meteor impact to the lives of many thousands throughout the Mississippi river valley, and this has yet to be recognized...]


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It is my belief...



Belief is not earth science. Speculation, maybe.



some of the science behind the Bible



Not earth science either. Religion maybe.



An extraterrestrial origin...




Nope. Not earth science. Trash can maybe.


Not one reference cited mentions, no less supports any part of the OP

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Moderator Note

Do NOT post drivel like this in our science sections! If you have an alternative idea to mainstream science, something you can more obviously support than this nonsense, please post it in Speculations.


But don't post this there! This is garbage. There are so many things wrong it would be like an anti-Christmas present to allow members to correct you.


Please stop fooling yourself, and go back to school.

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