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  1. Too much happening nearby :/

  2. Searches 'constant vs invariant' finds thread on another forum started by Studiot... :)

  3. Bismuth crystals, FSM adding greebles

  4. Getting some rain...

  5. Manged to get parts of an old lightbar working. Now to find a use :)

  6. Got myself a blender. Slushies on demand! :)

  7. Gallium comes from Tonga apparently :)

  8. Family finally got power. Get my place to myself again. I love them, but... Let's just say I am really happy their power is restored :]


  9. Late Breaking News!

    Protesters come out. Pass out fliers, remain on public property, receive bottles of water and leave without any arrests.

  10. Storage rack ladder from store? $30-100.

    Old bunk bed ladder from Habitat for humanity store? $4.

    Free kid's drawing on the ladder? Priceless.

    For everything else there's MasterCard!

  11. Blowing the yolk out an egg is weird :|

  12. Woohoo! Echo Auto is out and on its way. Excited with the location based options now available.

    Amazon has come out with a ring version but on the fence about the price for that one. Would be both handy and cool though. Could give commands and inquire 24/7 without being obvious.

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