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  1. Hitler was human. He had emotional all around the spectrum. I think he saw a chance and it escalated. And with all his emotional problems he probably felt on top of the world with an army and all. He probably felt he had to erase his past, and on top had to be the ultimate super race as they always say. It's just like, what? I think he got the power and got mad with it, like with a dog that catches a bird. Doesn't know what to do with it, but you know it isn't going to end well.
  2. The only time killing someone is when death is a better, real choice then living. You don't think about the thought though. It's when both people know what the best real option is then why not let nature just happen? Killing in any emotions not like that seems to be very, uneasy. I think there is too much biased in emotional thinking(obviously, ha!)and if someone wants to be the Alpha they'll have to kill the other.
  3. I think chasing to reach the end is a bit pointless. I mean, why not just go with the waves? You'll end up drifting with a current, it's like trying to find the last wave. Being human we just need to accept this role. I think me saying this is too human. Emotions are instinctual to me. I think us wanting to find the end is human and in reality everything is just there.
  4. I don't think this matter can be resolved because we all exist while the bias is there. We could not. it just won't. I don't think we can fully comprehend the idea of not existing.
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