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  1. Check out this PDF file. i am sure it contains something useful http://rsnz.natlib.govt.nz/volume/rsnz_26/rsnz_26_00_003960.pdf
  2. ohh sorry, its ACTION POTENTIAL not Active Potential. Sorry about that
  3. Totally agree with C_Sagan_Returns and cameron marical. Electricity is conducted by movement of charged particles (sodium and potassium ions). this occurs during transmission of a Neuro impulse and the process is called Active Potential.
  4. i hate Fungi. so i am tempted to go for Bacteria. i love E Coli. it was one of the first types of Bacteria i learnt about.
  5. I believe that Life started as a simple organic mass which underwent reactions during a course of time to form a Cell. if this theory is to be proved correct, then the same reactions that took place to form a cell on earth must have occurred on another Planet some where in the Universe as long as it has similar conditions as those of earth. so proving that their is life on Mars might prove that this theory is correct. so it might answer the question of where we came from.
  6. When pressure is reduced, it means expansion has taken place. expansion requires energy to take place. and this energy is got from the surrounding molecules.
  7. i think you need to do something in Medicine before you qualify to do Neurosciences.
  8. i am very certain Mars has life or it existed there sometime in its History
  9. i don't think its currently possible. photons have no mass that's why they can reach such immense speeds. however matter has mass which i think rules out the possibility.
  10. no one can tell the exact order of evolution of different kingdoms but my proposed order is Archaea - Eubacteria - Plants & Protists - Fungi & Animals the order is according to their complexity and habitat.
  11. Only Reactive metals like cold water. majority of these belong to group 1 and very few in group 2. other metals react with hot water or steam.
  12. its based upon their Atomic Number (number of protons). since the number of unpaired electrons determines the chemical properties of the elements. its logical that elements in the same group will have the same properties
  13. 1. SnSO4 - Tin Sulfate 2. Al(MnO4)3 - Aluminum permanganate 3. Pb(NO3)2 - Lead Nitrate 4. Mg3(PO4)2 - Magnesium Phosphate 5. CuH2PO4 - Copper Dihydrogen Phosphate 6. CaHPO4 - Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate 7. Fe(HCO3)3 - Iron Hydrogen Carbonate 8. Na2CO3 - Sodium Carbonate 9. MnSO4 - Manganese Sulfate 10. Al(OH)3 - Aluminum Hydroxide
  14. mabsj2


    i believe aliens exist but i don't think they speak english. they probably have their own way of communication unknown to us
  15. Kids are quite curious they ask funny questions. but they have a right to know...
  16. hi everyone, i am Joash and i am new here. just discovered the site and already liking it. i love science alot and looking forward to learning new stuff here.
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