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  1. What do you think all of those satellites do up there? They already film you everywhere you go!! The problem is that you don't know that and think your privacy is secured I'd love Google Earth to start live broadcasts, i'd feel more protected and secure this way, add a night vision too, i'd be even more happy, plus a recording feature, i'd pay $1000 a month for all of these features!! I can say its for sure the criminals would think twice before they steal my car!
  2. Its so toxic, better avoiding such things. Washing properly with soap on time could help
  3. I wish Google Earth would broadcast videos with live webcams, it would be so expansive today, i know, but still it is a matter of the nearest future. Imagine you can view anything live anywhere in the world. There is an privacy issue though that would be hard to solve. On the other hand crimes and illigal business would diminish:cool:
  4. I just signed up and will use my picture too, thanks
  5. Its colder there over the poles, most of air particles like dust and water freeze, grow in size, become heavy and drop down with snow.
  6. There is a wikipedia article about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholesterol under "Synthesis and absorption"
  7. Why didn't you visit doctors the same day you were bitten? "yellow and black insect" could be poisoness. I do believe though that your symptoms are not caused by this bite of 4 years ago, on the other hand it could be a hidden invection passed from the insect and comes back when you imune lowers. It could be cured by special atibiotics prescribed by the doctors..
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