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  1. Thank you, I'll print out all these suggestions and I will try to find the correct specialist. I will post any relevant findings to this thread. I sure need answers or, at least, a competent and comprehensive research for answers. Sincerely, Cristina
  2. NO Dak, It is not new bites. Is always the same only one spot in the forearm not on an artery. When that bite returns there are no other bites or bumbs or itching spots in other places. Thanks, Cristina
  3. Hi, Thank you for the suggestions. I was bitten in northen Italy and the insect was not like the one in the picture rather a flying insect. I was tested for lyme disease in 2006 (after about 1 year) because of several symptoms (muscle twitchings, aches and pains, diziness, low energy). The test were Lyme AB IGG/IGM (ELISA) and were negative. I was also bitten by a tick about 6 years ago when I was in Southern Germany but I did not have any rush. I brough the tick to be tested but they lost it (military clinic). Doctors to this day say that I have somekind of autoimmune disease because symptoms improved using Prednisolon. Thanks again, Cristina
  4. I have asked this question to several doctors, the answer I receive is always something like this: It's odd or I have never seen it before. Here it is: Over 4 years ago I was bitten by a yellow and black insect (could have been red and black I do not remember well) on the arm. It was very painful for a few hours and than it was itching for several days. Since then, at the site of the bite, an itching new bump comes up every now and then (last time 2 weeks ago) and lasts a couple of hours. After four years it is becoming really annoying expecially since two years ago after the birth of my third child I started to developing several symptoms that point to an autoimmune disease despite the fact that the doctors after a lot of tests, can not diagnose anything specific yet. Syntoms are: aches and pains, livedo reticulatis in legs and arms, ear ringing, some diziness, coughing up blood. Syntoms are mild and not always consistent. Could the bite have anything to do with my strange undiagnosed health condition? Can one insect bite come back over and over again for years? Thank you so much to anyone who have some answers for me. Cristina
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