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  1. so are you saying the exo-body is capable of living by itself??? just without a brain. if so couldn't you just incorporate that into the human itself??
  2. i believe the economic recesscion came at the perfect time as it will show how barrack obama handles these situations, i know the crisis is cooling now but it will still require a helluva lot of thinking to get through this without WW3
  3. i recently read a book on aliens and other mysteries of the unexplained and in most of the cases, the aliens "spoke" to abductees. no i picked up on a strange fact instantly...y. how the heck would an alien speak english??? they developed on another planet so they would have a different language system (if they communicate through sound at all) so i pose this question... how would an alien speak english???(other than watching us for millenia and learning our language)
  4. Hey, I'm demosthenes, avian american, aidan, whatever you wanna call me I've been fascinated by sciences all of my life.. And the school curriculum isn't cutting it for me.. I'm only 14 years old, but this isn't a problem (now ive had my chat with phi for all, very helpfull person there).. the most brilliant minds were adolescent at one point, too =p My mind wanders to mainly how to lift a man with sustained flight or with wings. I appreciate discovery and the sciences and keep an open mind to think out of the box. My scientific vocabulary is pretty good for a 14 yr old but not complete, so dont go easy on me but if i ask please explain, speculation and hypothesizing come naturally, so i can communicate on par in that way Thanks for letting me contribute.
  5. thank you, i really don't mean some of the things i say, some are insulting, but ive learnt from this mistake, i apoligize for any harsh comments if i said any, and i thank you for not getting annoyed or mentally angry at me, i will change Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedanyway back on subject. if we could reduce weight enough to allow even gliding flight, (25-30kg) we would require a 2 m2 wingspan so 1 m on each side, but how would you even create a wing that size, maybe through tricking the body into thinking it is missing a wing-shaped limb so it would grow them or would they have to be a synthetic material capable of movement? also the topic was changed to could working wings be grafted, eg that means non-working wings are possible, does it not??
  6. it could be some strange genetic random mutation
  7. can someone please give me an example of what collage genetics is like???
  8. i just have a problem wit swearing im tryin to work it out, i expect full well what i get, because im used to it, but i can't change the world when im thirteen so ill just live with it, i read your comment but ive heard it many times before and those people are all subject to opinion like everyone else, and like everyone else theyre opinions changed like the weather i try not to be so pedantic it just happens, i have hopes like you, like iNow (may it be one person or an orginisation i wonder), but because this is online it does help with the age thing, for if you were talking to me in person you too would have changed opinions, it isn't voluntary it just is part of the way humans have come to think of "youngsters" and i understand that fully..............i just don't like it. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedWow... You chose to ignore the larger (completely positive and reassuring) sentiment of my post and instead focus on a single word. I give up. There's just no winning sometimes. no i took it all in, and i thank you for that but it wasn't the word "kid that got to me, it was the change in attitude, if i offended you im sorry, but im pretty annoyed at the world for some reason today, nothing personal
  9. it just sounds sad.... but there is a lot of work to be achieved and ive started now, many people will laugh and many people will critisys but thats what has to be done to improve and then reach that goal in 15 yrs time. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedthats what i hate, you tell someone youre a minor or an adolescent and they treat you differently from before as seen in the two posts by iNow he\she was speaking to an adult in one and a kid in the other and when that happens the whole object of the conversation goes away, and his opinions with it...
  10. i would still like the feeling of flapping wings even if i couldn't fly but even that is still a tad difficult Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedshit im thirteen and im thinking of me being a genetic scientist jus to develop wings for about 10-20 yrs time... what a sad life
  11. yes, but every one is basing there opinions on if we use birds as a template for the wings. because were human we would require everything to be different so we would have to be completely original in our thought process and actual application to the human body. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedhttp://www.alleba.com/blog/2008/05/17/the-future-of-flight/ these wings are back mounted he still has his arms and he flew for ten minutes, how that for unable to be backmounted?????
  12. in the end it all comes down to personal opinion i believe it to be true...
  13. is there any material that the human body wouldn't reject, that could also work like a muscle, if so would it be lighter? stronger? more efficiant?
  14. 1. with better tech we could 2.the bones are airy so weigh less but have beam like structures in them that provide support. 3. we would still be a biped and be capable of abstract thought 4. the energy would be imense as the heart is bigger it would require twice the input for bodily functions to work and we have the extra function of flying on top of that. 5. i agree with both topics, the brain won't function in a new body but can adapt to new limbs very easily. 6.thank you for changing the title, i appreciate it. 7.thats where the engineering comes in....
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