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  1. Does anyone know a website where i can get original clinical trial data? I have to prepare a poster on a clinical trial (phase 3) on Valsartan. I have looked on Novartis's website, and all the trials are pretty much when administerd with a diuretic. I want to compare Valsartan to placebo, and i cant find any data If not, i will just have to compare it too an ACE inhibitor.... thanks
  2. hi, You can apply for neuroscience Bsc's, for example at kings college london. I go there, and have a few friends on the course who say its excellent. It may be a better option, rather than doing biomedical science, which imo is a very wishy washy degree. Personally i feel it is best to focus on one area
  3. I find, that when talking to a girl for the first time, making mistakes and looking slightly foolish actually helps me pull. It allows you to talk about something creative, rather than just what they do, where they are from and all this bullshit. So the odd mistake dosnt hurt, well i dont think it does
  4. I have got to produce 2 scientific posters, 1 for a course at uni im doing, and another at the BPS winter meeting (based on research i did during my summer, in between years 1 + 2) i am struggerling to design my posters, and what to put in them, How much detail do i need to go into? colour schemes/poster design etc How many diagrams should i include? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey everyone!! I am currently a second year student studying pharmacology at Kings College London. # I thought i would have a brouse for some science forums on the net, and try and get some advice from all you pro's
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