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    in a house
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    i play accordion and can ride a unicycle
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    physics or possibly a branch of the science of human natural thinking
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    i have an evil band teacher
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  1. hello i am trying to be freindly

  2. sorry i know we haven't met but i dont know anyone on here and i'm just trying to be polite

  3. hello human i am also human but it is still fun to talk like that (you know).

    any ways how are you?

  4. Salutations I am Kosmikcow and i tend to use gargantuan words and have moderatly good social skills wow the exact same here.... hum? interesting!
  5. thanks i think that actually helped
  6. i was trying to start a project on quantum entanglement but i cant grasp a good concept of the science can someone help.
  7. also im not sure how this forum thing works so im not very good at this

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