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  1. Hello Science forum; Im the Punish-ed - kinda like the Punisher, except it tends to backfire. Im 26 (that may change, given time) and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I defecated (was that a mistake?...dare you ask?) from Glasgow 6 years ago. Lacking in a 'proper' education, I've decided just to 'know stuff', it began with football; but it became kinda more statistical than strictly sporting. After that, I tried to play computer games; but ended out liking all the historical ones (civ, Age of Empires) and ended out making me study history in my spare time instead of playing computer games. It got worse when I started working for a Ghost Tour company, and became more interested in the history of the grave yard I worked in and the people buried there than the poltergeist attacking the public. I got tired of calling it a poltergeist and instead studied the paranormal, and that just led to string and multiverse theory. I made one final attempt to be a cool guy; joining a band - but we're called the martians, and the War of the Worlds just made me read good and proper Sci Fi; which - again - led me to actual Science. Finally, defeated, I got a flatmate who actually DID study science, but he's REALLY annoying and has tiny ears; so an online commutiy sounds like something I might benefit from. I hope to be as active as possible out in the real board, and hope to see you all out there; rather than here...but this seemed the logical (Damnit!) place to start posting. I'd be delighted to discuss anything I'm capable of; the silly is just as useful as the sensible; and I hope to find both here in reasonable proportion. Regards to all; The Punish-ed (edited due to my Keyboard not thinkning as fast as I type)
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