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    BSc (Hons) Chemistry, 1996; BA (Hons) Mathematics, in progress; BSc (Hons) Physics, in progress.
  1. Having rediscovered The Inner Life of the Cell video on YouTube last week (such a cool animation!), I decided to have a look to see if there were any cool Biochem/MolBiol wallpapers. I can't recall what search terms I used.
  2. Textbooks available for free on the net: http://us.geocities.com/alex_stef/mylist.html
  3. Hi Everyone! I stumbled across this place while googling for some wallpaper, and it looks pretty cool so decided to register. I graduated with a degree in Chemistry (mostly Organic Synthesis, Drug Devlopment, etc) about 12 years ago, and haven't worked in Science since. A couple of years ago I could no longer ignore my draw toward the subject and registered to study part time for two more degrees. In a few years I will graduate with a degree in Mathematics and a degree in Physics, and hope to be in a position (hanging on to that lotto ticket!) to be able to chuck the job in, follow m
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