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  1. I for one do not argue that ignorance is good. I "know" its a burden, for we are all ignorant to a degree. we dont know everything. now, that is why he is called the common man, the degree of mathematical ignorance of the "common man" or mathematical challanged is absurd. however, the "common man" will do well to learn basic concepts in algebra to function on a "survial" level... jobs, solving problems that will allow him/her to keep the job. i see what your saying about uplifing the knowledge a few notches. but every hear the exprassion, "you can lead a horse to water?" my point is the common man have to want(motivate), find bueaty, to learn "higher" sciences and mathematical branches. but, thats why he is considered the "common man":doh:
  2. I certainly agree. I agree because we are talking about the "common man":-(
  3. I am hadron collider, i bare witness that e=mc^2. mathematics is alive and well! hadron collider.
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