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  1. Oo first on the message bored




  2. could you remove my profile?

  3. honestly the reason why i don't post evidence most of the time, is for 2 reasons. 1 im asking a question(aka i don't need evidence) and 2 i really don't have time to go about looking up evidence, contrary to popular belief i am a busy man

  4. its not technically trolling, but you don't seem to provide anything useful in your posts so far. like i said before you seem to just attack specific wording and such, you call for evidence and cite none yourself. when i do provide evidence you dismiss it and attack something else.

  5. oh ok, I just hit 30 today too, but im several days off of 10

    thank you

  6. I am quite new to being a memeber of this forum, and as of yet i do not fully understand some of the symbols and stuff,

    but i was wondering, why may i not post int he Politics forum?

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