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  1. you may call me nny. or whatever you wish. my screen name is a multipurpose one that i am somewhat regretting right now, as it seems most people's are science related, i feel dumb. ah well. i am a 17 year old female who actually enjoys things other than mtv, shopping and, like, whether or not danny will ask me to the dance. (whatz!?!? dose pplz existS?) i tend not to explain myself too well, so if you have trouble understanding what i mean, seriously just ask, i won't be offended. i love biology and environmental sciences, and hope to gain a love of physics and chemistry through this site. i love to learn and expand my mind/beliefs. i'd like nothing more than to talk to people if they provide worthwhile conversation. teach me something!
  2. I knew nothing about Einsteins brain before going to this page, but hypothesizing based on Tsadi's facts I have come up with this, which might help White matter's purpose is to carry neurons from areas of gray matter to other areas of gray matter. With the excess of white matter, there was probably also increased neuron usage. This would probably cause him to make connections between certain things more quickly, which would definitely aid Einstein with developing ideas. Einstein's inferior parietal lobe was large, and that dealt with interpreting sensory information from the rest of the body. It has been thought that this also dealt with separating visual inputs from the subject's perception. This is somewhat of a stretch, but one might be able to say that Einstein literally did not see things the way everyone else did. and as for there is actually a possibility that 'nurture' did alter his brain, Macrophaly has been known to develop over time due to environmental conditions. Again, no hard scientific evidence that i could pull up right now, just me surmising. Although i suppose i could go a-poking around to find the articles and such that i read that informed these ideas. Also, I am just a high school student so if any of this doesn't make sense, I apologize, my education hasn't really gone in depth with ANYTHING as of yet.
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