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  1. You know there are many reasons...some honorable...some not...as far as dying and killing. I pity the person who has not sufficient conviction to either kill or die to protect the ones they love. Split Infinity
  2. First of all...our Universal Reality the Space/Time and the Matter and Energy that exist within it need more than just 4 Dimensional States to exist. Although 10 or 11plus Dimensional Reality has not been definatively proven...what has been proven is that since Quantum Particle/Wave Forms such as Photons and Electron exist as both particle and wave...as well as all Matter is completely comprised on it's smallest level of Quanta...4-D...as Length, Width, Height and Time...is not enough dimensionality for Quanta to exist. Also...as far as Star Trek and 2 Dimensional Life forms...again...Matter and Energy cannot exist in a 2 Dimensional Universal State so this is but fantasy as well. Split Infinity
  3. I am a bit confused about what exactly you are trying to associate or state in your post here. You talk about FORCES balancing out. Now a FORCE is defined by the INTERACTION OF QUANTUM FIELDS. This is so for Magnetism or Electromagnetism, Kinetic Energy Transfer or basically anytime there is an interaction between Electron Fields orbitting Atomic Nucleus' which encompasses such things like when my finger strikes a key on my laptop when typing. The Atomic Nucleus' of the atoms making up my finger tip and keyboard never come into physical contact as the Electrons orbitting them repel each other. Thus this is an Interaction of Quantum Fields. When an Electromagnet is used to pickup and move a junk car...the cranes attached metal end recieves an electrical current which when placed atop a metal car will create a magnetic bond as the cars steel can take on additional electrons in it's unfilled Electron Orbits and when electrical current is cut...the car is realeased...again...Interaction of Quantum Fields. When a rocket is ignited be it solid or liquid fueled...a chemical reaction ensues causing the fuel to burn and be released through the rocket motors nossle. Again we have a Kinetic Transference where the burning fuel forced out at high speed has it's Electron Orbital Fields repelling and being repelled by the air...so again...Interaction of Quantum Fields. The one and only thing that will place Matter into motion without the Interaction of Quantum Fields is GRAVITY. GRAVITY IS NOT A FORCE. It does not even fall under the definition of what constitutes a Force. Even though Gravity has been labeled the Weak Force...this has been done as a way to define something that by it's very nature is something that Human Minds cannot visualize as GRAVITY is an EXPRESSION OF ONE DIMENSIONALITY. Since Gravity is an EFFECT...as it is Space/Time Geometry...it can effect even Photons as the created Space/Time curvature causes Photons to travel along the warpeture of Space/Time. When looking at you picture of a craft in Earth's Orbit...it is important to realise that EVERYTHING that exists between Earth's Center of Gravity or Gravity Well and out to forever...is to some extent effected by the Earth's gravity. The further away from Earth...the lessor of Space/Time curvature. With all this in mind...it should be noted that Space/Time cannot exist without the presence of Matter...or at it's very most base existance...Quantum Particle/Wave Forms. Since matter is completely comprised of Quanta...thus showing us at the very least a path to the UFT or Unified Field Theory...it can also be said that Space/Time cannot exist without Energy. Knowing this and then looking at your desire to form a theory of everything...wouldn't it make sence to look at what is needed at the very least in order for everything to exist? Split Infinity
  4. Again...my wording should have been more specific. Split Infinity
  5. I don't see how the word FAITH cannot be used and is basically the same thing in meaning as the word TRUST. NOTHING can obtain 100% Trust or Faith. People can say this is so...but it is not as one can fool themselves into thinking so but deep down...logic won't allow it. Split Infinity
  6. You are not getting the association I was trying to make as far as the previous questions and statements. I am well aware that the CBM is everywhere...however there are...and if you read the link you will know...Labeled INNER and OUTER points specific to detailing Universal Expansion and observable details specific to it. I am well aware of Universal Expansion via the given term Dark Energy. This statement is true...LOL! Split Infinity...p.s....THAT is why I drive!
  7. From WIKI... The photon also carries spin angular momentum that does not depend on its frequency.[17] The magnitude of its spin is and the component measured along its direction of motion, its helicity, must be ±ħ. These two possible helicities, called right-handed and left-handed, correspond to the two possible circular polarization states of the photon.[18] Split Infinity
  8. Your right...I should have clarified that. Split Infinity Again...it is my fault for not clarifying my statements. Split Infinity
  9. I was not talking about the current distance of the edge of the CMB...I was talking about the distance of the VISABLE observation by Hubble...which is at 13.4 Billion Light Years. Also...anyway you want to slice it...if we are looking at light 13.4 Billion light years away...we are looking 13.4 Billion years in the past. Looking at the 3 degree Kelvin Background Radiation map...450 Million Light Years is the OUTER Radius...I made a mistake there....here is the link...http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr162/lect/cosmology/cbr.html As far as whether our Universal Reality is but one of infinite numbers in a Multiversal System...true there is no current proof....but what there is...a very good line of logic based upon what it can't be. Split Infinity
  10. Our Eyes have evolved into a biological machine designed to channel as well as manipulate the entry of Photons. Sine Photons are Quanta...they exist as both Particle and Wave and even though they have no mass...they do obtain MOMENTUM from both their rate of speed...186,282 miles per second...as well as ANGULAR SPIN MOMENTUM...which is a bit more complex of an explaination but photon momentum is NOT specific to Light Frequency...just specific to a Photons velocity as well as it's spin. Now because of this...Light that is generated from our sun not only illuminates everything it comes in contact with on Earth whether our eyes can detect it or not...but does so in a WIDE SPECTRUM OF LIGHT FREQUENCY. So even if we cannot see the Nitrogen, Oxygen Atoms and Molecules in the air as well as other trace gases...the Sunlight still illuminates them and with a Light Spectrometer or even a IR-Detector...we can look at the air at the top and bottom of a canyon and see the temp differences as long as the detection is not overlapped by the canyon walls or other things. Now why do things get hot or cold when bombarded by Photons...and contrary to popular belief...Light CAN cool things as a LASER is used to cool specific Elements to create a Einstien-Bose Condensate which is just a bit above Absolute Zero in temp and is considered as a sixth state of matter along with Solid, Liquid, Gas, Vapor, Plasma and then Einstien-Bose Condensate. Things get hot when Photons interupt the vibrationary state of matter by bombardment in two methods...1. The Photons interfere with the Electron Orbits around Atoms as Electrons and Photons are basically made of the same thing just existing at different levels on the E.M. scale...and by doing so cause the Electrons to vibrate thus causing the Atomic Nucleus to vibrate. The words HOT AND COLD define and are specific to how much or at what level is the Vibrationary State of Matter. The greater this state...the Hotter...the lessor this state...the Colder. Good example is when WATER...H2O...is boiled...the pot that holds it transfers it's Kineticly Increased Vibrationary State to the Water. This Kinetic Transfer is accomplished as the electrons orbitting the Atomic Nucleus' making up the pot that itself is being heated by a stove top....vibrate and distance the atoms and molecules away from each other as well as virbate and expand thus interfering and transfering this vibrationary state to the water. As the water boils the water molecules H20 DO NOT seperate into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases but rather water stays as H2O and turns into water vapor. This vapor is just water molecules...H2O...heated...or placed into a high vibrationary state which causes the H2O to seperate from it's grouped liquid state and rise and mix with the Nitrogen and Oxygen gases in our air. The second method of Photon interaction with matter to generate Heat is specific to Photon Momentum as photons do obtain momentum and can and will impact both orbital electron fields as well as impact in some case the actual Atomic Nucleus which in both cases will cause again a transfer of kinetic energy and an increase in the vibrationary state of matter. Photon interaction with WATER CAN seperate Hydrogen from Oxygen as UV-Light will cause this chemical reaction which will split up H2O. After all that...our EYES can detect both directly generated Photons from the sun as well as the Photons reflected off various states of matter. Thing is...we see colors because Photons are reflecting off specific Matter and the makeup of the Atomic or Mlecular Composition of such matter determins what frequency of light...Photon Wave Length...our eyes will take in. The HEAT you talk about being generated due to Lights reflection off matter can be detected with an IR-Light detector. Infra-Red Light is not visable to the Human Eye but can be seen with such detectors as well as the TEMP can be determined. Split Infinity
  11. Tar...I am an Agnostic and I personally don't care what a person has or doesn't have as far as religious beliefs. I also don't consider havinf faith an issue unless that faith causes a person to stop fighting and give up self determination to some percieved Higher Power as my favorite quoted passage would be...GOD helps those who help themselves...LOL! THAT is a reality...GOD existing or not. I have seen some VERY F'd up things. Things and events that I had hoped I would never even think about never mind having a ring side seat to. The one very BLARING AND GLARING lesson I have taken away from this is...if you are praying and waiting for some GOD to save you instead of using what time you have to think and plan of every possible scenario of events that could play out in your favor given your ability to act....YOU WILL SOON BE DEAD. Sure...sometimes...surprising events and results happen but there is always a REASON for why they happen. People declare things a MIRACLE when something occurs that has but the tinniest of possibilities and due to this...events swing to a conclusion that would seem to be an impossibility and then they are labeled as an act of GOD or a Miracle. When you look at this scientifically....we have the reality that...IF SOMETHING CAN HAPPEN...IT WILL HAPPEN...and given enough of a timeline...even One in a Million odds drop to zero. Something like this happened to me while working in the field. I was a Problem Solver and I was and am very good at it. One day I made a mistake that luckily did not cost the life of any of my team...but it almost cost mine. I should have seen it coming earlier and long story short...I was shot...multiple times at close range. I was wearing an Ultra-Light Vest that was not standard issue as we travel light and fast and a regular vest with steel plates and all the trimmings is just too heavy for what we do. Because of the close range...there was balistic penetration and I went down HARD. When a person see's something like that coming and knows they are probably going to die...your life DOES NOT flash before your eyes...you do not see some heavenly figure and you do not obtain some form of enlightenment. What happens as you see it coming is say out loud...Oh S#! Then...after you go down...ANGER, Rage, Extreme Purpose. I turned on my side...used a team members body part, balanced my rifle and ended the threat. Then...PAIN in the extreme. If it had not been for this High Tech. vest that acts like a Chinese Finger Puzzle in that it CATCHES the rounds...but not completely...I would have been dead. The FAITH I had that saved me was faith in my team members to know what to do. Faith that they would not panic...Faith that I could handle the pain as to take any Synth-Morph would have probably killed me one way or the other as we were deep in country and had quite a way to go just to get picked up....and FAITH in the fact if it was my time...I certainly was not going to spend what time I had left groveling and crying about how unlucky I was or cursing some GOD as to...WHY ME? Now I am not saying I don't believe in a GOD...it would be nice...but I have not seen any conclusive evidence to prove it. So in the mean time...I will live life happy and grateful to have done so many things and experienced so much. But I WILL NOT...start going on based upon some books religious dogma due to some thought that if I do not I will not go to some kind of heaven. Thing is...if we die...and that is it...it would not be so bad. If there is an afterlife...what a NICE BONUS. Split Infinity
  12. You are right and I apologize as the link I posted does not talk about Electromagnetic Cloaking as I seem to have posted the wrong link. What is even worse is I am having a problem finding the related link that does talk about it so I would ask you to allow me some time to find it as for the life of me...when I went back to where I got this...I could not find it. I WILL continue to look for it and I believe I have found out that this secret E.M. Cloaking method was not present on the first F/A-22 design or the current inservice craft. I understand that until I can find a reliable source to quote...my statement will have little in the way to be considered a fact. For this I am both sorry and a bit miffed that I somehow screwed up the link I posted. The link I did post does however gives some very good information concerning the man who's work is responsible for the development of such E.M. cloaking tech. as if one reads it the link gives very reliable sources for some very interesting tech...but this tech IS NOT what I was talking about...save any information that might be there detailing some of Dr. T. Townsend Browns work in the field specific to E.M. manipulation specific to various abilities of stealth. I DO NOT just make up stories to push some form of personal agenda that would be specific to E.T. or those who work in E.T. related fields. What I will post is information that I know of that can either be proven by documentation or at the very least...Pointed To as a possible reality based upon a High Probability due to Logic. And if I am posting about something that I know but cannot be proven I WILL SAY SO. I will continue to search for this proof as I have unfortunately stated this E.M. Cloaking is a fact of reality and due to the fact I did not provide a link with the documentation associated with my statement...I would ask members to hold judgement until I either provide the proper link or admit I cannot access this information. I will ask one more thing of you...In this case you are absolutely right to confront me as I did not provide the proper link to prove my statements. This was wrong of me as well as stupid and I will be careful not to repeat it. But I will ask you...Please understand...there are events and technologies in play right now that both have documentation that could be considered proof as well as such things being Top-Secret and above in nature that precludes the possibility of obtaining documented proof. Because this is so...there are certain realities I am aware of that I can only give lines of logic as a form of proof. This E.M. Cloak is not one of these cases but until I can find it again...it will remain so. Also...this is a Science Forum...and proof is a prerequisate. Still...the Scientific Method allows us to use things such as Observation, Logical Deduction and so on to formulate an Hypothosis and Theory. As it applies to my posts...I reserve the right to do just that but I will make certain the reader KNOWS that is what is occuring to avoid any conflict of some thinking I am making a statement without have the grounds to stand upon. One last thing. I DO know Dr. Brown's daughter Linda. She just put out a book called...THE GOODBYE MAN...which is the documented story of the events that surrounded her father...Dr. Brown...the U.S. Military and specifically the U.S. Navy...as well as how Linda viewed what went on as she was a child growing up while her father was doing work for various U.S. Government Agencies and groups and events upon Catalina Island and other places. Linda and I even had an arguement over the format of her book as I believed it could have been done another way...as well as even discussing what the book cover would look like if she went beyond just an E-Book. Split Infinity
  13. What in the world do any of these examples have to do with your attempt to claim that our eyes are not seeing Photons that have reflected off the Matter viewed...as you stated Photons or Light is not reflecting? I cannot see a single example you have given that would apply or be used as some form of proof for your statements. We KNOW that what we see...light being Photons...a Quantum Particle/Wave Form...must reflect off Matter or be generated by a reaction of it. If this were not so then YOU and I would never be able to see and determine the COLOR of an object. By your reasoning...and I am not even completely certain what your reasoning is...the light or Photons that is detected by our eyes and thus when a person looks at the Green Grass on a Summers day....that light or Photons our eyes tell our brain is the color Green...is not sunlight reflecting off that grass. So tell me this...since the SUN is the source of the light...as if it was a cloud covered night away from city lights the Grass certainly would not be generating any visable light for us to see....how exactly is it that our eyes detect this light? How is it that we see it as Green? This issue is as simple as holding a mirror in a dark room and pointing a flashlight at it. The mirror reflects the light. If the flashlight was aimed at anything else...we would see the reflection of that light off the object as well as the reflection of anything the light has bounced off of. Split Infinity
  14. I find that any model, diagram or representation specific to a Theory of Everything could be developed by you or anyone else for that matter...since a Human Being is constrained in doing so by our limitations of perspective and especially our rediculously limited knowledge base. You are trying to build a representation of EVERYTHING...and since we cannot even understand why Quanta such as Photons and Electrons as as both particle and wave...nor do we know why the Higgs-Boson either allows or gives Protons and Neutrons Mass...or what the heck is responsible for what we have labeled Dark Matter and Dark Energy...nevermind figuring out the Unified Field Theory...or for that matter do we understand at all in any way why a Woman will ask a Man if he is listening to her as he is in the middle of watching a Football Game on TV when she absolutely KNOWS that he is NOT. If there is ONE direction we might at least point ourselves in the direction to for the purpose of at least trying to get have a starting point it would be the concept of Quantum Evolution. Quantum Evolution is a term used to describe the reality of how all Particle/Wave Forms will continue to arrange themselves by various Universal processes into greater and greater complexity. Thus Quantum Particle/Wave Forms comprise all Matter and Energy. At the point of the existance of Hydrogen...we get Gravitic Effect and Celestial Bodies and Stellar Fusion. Then we get Helium....then the creation by Supernova and other mechanisms...we get Heavy Elements....and of course the creation of Molecules of greater and greater complexity...then eventually DNA and LIFE. Thus LIFE is a product of Quantum Evolution...then Biological Evolution develops multicellular life and continues to develop life of greater and greater complexity until we get Consciousness....and then Intelligent Self Awareness...and then perhaps...Artificial Intelligence. Point is...it is a continuing process that is involved and connected to every aspect of at least OUR reality within this Universal State and perhaps connected to other Divergent Universal States of One Infinite Universal Group...in what perhaps maybe an existing Multiverse. But all this only applies to just ONE UNIVERSAL GROUPING. In a Multiversal System there would be Infinite Numbers of Groupings and each group completely different in having it's own set of Natural Laws or Physics. Given this possibility...which would have to be taken into account if you are building a model of everything....how can we represent something that by it's own definition be so alien in it's nature that Humans could not understand or even dream how to represent it? Split Infinity
  15. Some might say...Praying couldn't hurt. But if you and others get into a bad place and state...the absolutely WORSE THING that a person can do is lower moral. So if I am with a few others and we seemed to be screwed...and we KNOW this...and instead of keeping cool and thinking how we can get out of this mess...one person was to start PRAYING...well THAT just freaks out EVERYBODY who is unfortunate enough to be in such a situation. Now the Team I sometimes work with are a bit above the norm in that they are Pro's even if some are young. Such people are not prone to panic and think quickly or fall back upon training as well as Psych 101...Anger is more useful than despair...Cold calculating rationalism is more useful than anything. But is this was a Platoon of Green Kids and one of them started PRAYING either out loud or even silent but either crossing themselves or doing some other Religious Dogma based movements that denote praying...the other kids in the Platoon are going to start to panic! I just want to say although I sometimes work with members of the U.S. Military...I am NOT Military. I am "CIVILIAN". That kid praying in front of the rest of the platoon at a moment of decision where time is essential as well as making the right choice imparitive to staying alive...that kid might as well be screaming hysterically..."We are all going to DIE!" Split Infinity
  16. First of all I never stated that the 2...A1B reactors used on specific U.S. Carriers...were capable of generating the level of energy required to vaporize a hole through 1000 feet of steel. Discover Magazine was the source of the statement that if a sufficient energy supply...electrical generated by nuclear reactors...was supplied to a Free Electron Laser Cannon...it could vaporize a hole through 1000 feet of solid steel in a short period of time. THAT...is all the detail the magazine provided and they are CORRECT. It is OBVIOUS...that the two A1B reactors could not supply the amount of power required to do this...but a Ground Based Free Electron Laser and multiple nuclear reactors probably could. I was informed that the standard Mirrored Optics usually based in a Satellite for over the horizon targeting...would be vaporized by a Super High Powered Free Electron Laser....and that a new Multi-Prism targeting system is or will be used. These Prisms are said to be constructed and designed very much like the compound eye of an insect....and that the multiple prisms...which can be moved, turned as well as flex...allow for Split Beaming as well as splitting and using one incomming beam to destroy multiple targets as well as allow the multiple split beams to be of various width and intensity. The CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford...CVN-79 J.F.K....and CVN-80 Enterprise...which are all Ford Class Stealth Carriers...will either be refitted or fit...depending upon their launching date...with two or even three newer and more powerful reactors than the A1B's. The Russians...at the time...Soviets...had deceided to go the direction of Particle Beams as they did not have issues with atmosphere as well as at the time of the Cold War...were Direct Energy Weapons that the technology existed to create with a capability of having a Big Punch. The problem was the Soviets found that Particle Beams have a nasty habit of irradiating the people who use them and many Soviet Scientists and Crew ended up dead. The U.S. also studied Particle Beam Tech. but went the direction of Lasers and even though the Russians currently understand and can build a Free Electron Laser...they are at least a DECADE or more behind in developing and fielding a Mission Capable weapon. The U.S. on the other hand has designed and is currently INSTALLING the Bones of this Laser System in both the new Ford Class Carriers as well as the Satellite System necessary for over the horizon targeting. Given the advancement in Supercomputing and Networking...the targeting of anything from incomming ICBM's to Anti-Carrier Missiles will be of ease and the Split Beaming Prism aspect should allow a single beam fired at a Targeting Satellite to destroy many oncoming Missiles or Aircraft in very short time. One thing I have learned...reading about TALKING to do something or deploy something gives very little certaintly that a weapon system will actually BE built or deployed. But when I read the USN's own schedualing that lists the system...the companies installing it on a Carrier as well Cruisers...as well as actual listed appropriations spent on designing a more powerful nuclear reactor which design and construction will be necessary to properly power the Free Electron Laser...THEN I know all the talk is not just hype. Split Infinity For whatever reason...you and others think I was stating a Carrier based Free Electron Laser...FEL...would be firing a 5 or greater Gigawatt beam. I never stated this nor was I implying it as the FEL based upon the Carriers and Cruisers will be used for Missile Defense as well as precision targeting of enemy aircraft and enemy electronic detection equipment. What I quoted from Discover was a theoretical possibility. Split Infinity
  17. I will give you a link that gives specific information as well as a listing of sources that information comes from. Since there is a lot of documented information...look for the term ELECTROGRAVITIC...which applies to both the F-22 and B-2 as well as a variety of experimental and secret craft in many aspects as well as ELECTROMAGNETIC CLOAKING...which is what is being talked about here...LINK http://www.info-quest.org/documents/antigravity.html I know Dr. T. Townsend Browns daughter LINDA as well as had many conversations with the members of a Development Team that work, design and build many things specific to the work done by Dr. T. Townsend Brown. Dr. Brown...now deceased...held an Above Top-Secret Clearance and was a Central Figure in the now very famous...Philladelphia Experiment...which WAS NOT A FICTIONAL EVENT. "LIFTERS"....which are something anyone here can look up on the internet...are specific to some of Dr. Brown's work and the vast majority of his work is still classified today. Split Infinity
  18. Free-electron lasers have a theoretical maximum efficiency of 65%, while others are lucky to get a third of that. This means if your beam power is 5,000 megawatts (five gigawatts), and your cannon has an efficiency of 20%, the cannon is producing 25,000 megawatts. You set the beam at a very small diameter and this level of temp. will vaporize the steel. Split Infinity
  19. Continuum...the explaination and model you seek has it's basis in this word. There is a reason why we use the term...Space/Time...as one cannot exist without the other. So to bind all aspects of Reality, Mind and Probability...a Universal Model must exist in Infinite Number in a Multiversal System. This Multiveral System would provide an explaination for Quantum Mechanics and thus would show an intrinsic Quantum Interconnectivity and Transfer among all Divergent Universal States specific to our Universal Grouping within a Multiverse. This would mean that every possibility MUST EXIST in such a system as well as Time being Non-Linear in it's nature when looking at a Universal Grouping of Divergent Universal States. Here in lies the Continuum. Time being Non-Linear in such a state will not allow for beginning or end but just existence. Quantum Particle/Wave Forms in such a system would be interconnective and transfering between Divergent Universal States which would be the Glue that connects the Quanta of one version of a Person to another in a different Divergent State. Split Infinity
  20. Moon...if you are familiar with the work of Dr. T. Townsend Brown...you will see that his work was applied to design and build the IR-Light Cloak that is currently a part of and used by the F/A-22 Raptor. The Raptor is a Stealth Aircraft but given todays abilities of IR seeking Missiles...the Raptors engine Heat Signature has been cloaked by several processes...one being the cooling of exhaust and the second being an Electromagnetic Cloak based upon the work of Dr. T. Townsend Brown. This Cloak hides the Raptors Engines IR-Light emmisions as to protect the aircraft from being targeted by ground or air launched Heat Seeking Missiles. Now if HUMANS can do this now...imagine what the IR-Light Cloaking Capabilities would be for an Advanced Alien Race? Split Infinity
  21. I have found a truth working in the field. That being that when a person is faced with a possibility of dying...very few will stick to Athiestic views. Now this is just natural as in any type of similar situation...say a person falls in an old well...their cell phone smashed on impact. They KNOW that their cell phone will not work. Still a person stuck there will try again and again by pressing every button on that smashed phone...even if the battery was lost as it smashed...to see if they can get the phone to work. The same thing with No Athiests in a Foxhole. What is outright DANGEROUS is a person who has extreme Faith and because of it puts themself and others at risk because they either think that a GOD will save them or they believe that they will die and go to paradise. I have seen both types of people in the field and the later...the person of extreme faith...is not someone you would want beside you and I have made sure such people I had the unfortunate experience to be in the field with were transfered OUT ASAP. As far as Faith is concerned for me...Many have asked me if I believe in GOD and I answer...ABSOLUTELY! Someone is out to get me! Split Infinity
  22. Arnie...you asked why not when I stated Matter and Energy cannot exist in a One Dimensional Universe or state. The reason they cannot exist is because a One Dimensional Universe or State does not have any distance, no length, width or height...no Time. Particles of Matter...such as Protons and Neutrons...have a specific dispacement of Space/Time thus they have a tangible size as well as Mass. Quantum Particle/Wave Forms such as Electrons, Photons, Quarks, Leptons, Gluons, Mesons...etc...are both a Particle and a Wave thus have FREQUENCY. Frequency is determined by Wave Length...thus the word...LENGTH. There is NO LENGTH in a One Dimensional Universe or State. Split Infinity
  23. For those of you who think this Laser but a dream...google the Gerald R. Ford Free Electron Laser. This thing is the real deal. Split Infinity This is from Discover Magazine. I thought it was an overstatement as well but that magazine is reputable and I have heard others talk about how this was possible as long as enough energy was made available. Split Infinity
  24. When I look at this model I am not looking at a state of Singularity or as you have stated that it would be...a One Dimensional Universe able to have a single particle exist. These statements are contradictions. Split Infinity
  25. OK...I had a few in me when I posted this as you are right...WMAP is the probe but I was correct as far as the distance to the begining of the Ocean of Superheated plasma which is 13.4 Billion Light Years. In this case AGE and DISTANCE are the same. The inner sphere of Background Radiation starts at a mere 450 Light Years distant and it's edge is at 13.4 Billion light years distant. As far as our Universe being FINITE...since the observable Background Radiation and the Ocean of Superheated Plasma beyond it...would represent the very beginning of Space/Time in our Universe...as well as measured Gravitational Effect not showing us any evidence of Matter or Space/Time beyond this point....it is HIGHLY unlikely our Universe extends beyonds this. Your right in that this is speculation...but it is calculated speculation based on a High Probability. Split Infinity
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