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  1. I am new here so be gentle. 10 years ago there was a product i used for gold plating shotgun triggers. It used a soln of copper to first plate the part and than a soln of gold to finish plate the part. The amount of shine was dependant of surface polish but it was quite durable, The problem i am having is what the soln of copper and gold was. The product has not been offered for some time so i would like to build one my self, what do i need to do this. 1 to 9 volts, a pos lead and a neg lead, one lead to the part and one to a acid brush, i can build a lexan container for the soln. Where do you get the soln for this work?. thank you all.
  2. Hi, forund the site while looking for ideas on gold plating carbon steel parts, now all i have to do is find that thread again. I am a master Gunsmith working for Simmons Gun Repair as there design and enginering guy. We just installed a VM2 milling center and i have had to re-learn all the math i had forgotten from all thoes years ago. To all my mathamatic teachers i am sorry i did not listen to you when i had the chance. Also to my english teachers i am sorry i have forgotten how to spell correctly.
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