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  1. I cannot believe that you have put pictures of not only your lab but also your mouse house on there with people working on them and the fact that you are describing schedule 1 killing are you INSANE! what's wrong with you? that's not good!!! but hey your life! that's alot of metal I am impressed not very biological though! I prefer living things! but still kudos for impressivenes
  2. there is a new virus that has been discovered that parasitises the MimiVirus which infects aemobae. It is known as the sputnik virus which has only been recently discovered!
  3. acutally the best way that I have found to quit smoking is through a book called the "easy way to stop smoking" by Allan Carr it help as you have to smoke while you read the book as it works through psychology of why we smoke it actually makes you hate the cigarrette after the book sounds cheesy but true I have been a non-smoker for 7 months now and counting the only thing that makes it a little hard is when drinking alcohol and you are surrounded by smokers who the dissapear for a cig. but you easily overcome this by the positive effects! sounds cheesy but it does work! wish you well and a happy non-smoking life
  4. leukemia is the production of the lymphocytes either B cell or T cells, B cells are more common as they are not as dangerous as T cell leukemias, Adult T cell leukemias are able to kill in the space of just a few months where as people can suffer from chronic lymphocytic leukemias (B cell) for years. It is a marked increase in lymphocytes, and are at most time anergic thus do not perform their immune role. There is a fault in the selection and survival signals which are received by lymphocytes during selection which inhibit the release of anergic and autoreactive lymphocytes
  5. The main problem with HIV is though that it integrates into the T cells gene through its integrase and that each cell has the capability of creating tens of thousands of reverse transcribing viruses. The other problem is not that the virus is free floating but is presented to the T cells via dendritic cells and macrophages through antigen presentation, the virus itself escapes proteolytic processing. The theroy sounds magical however the reality is another matter
  6. in response to the virus surviving for only 1 second is completely misguided, the virus itself is able to survive outside the body for 20minutes (unless treated with bleach of course) you have to remember that is an enveloped virus and thus does have some protection from outside environments. however you are right in that it does not last long. The course of AIDS progression is also dependable as depends on the CD-4 depletion. The main problem with HIV is the mismanagement of the antiretroviral therapies that are out there which can not only cause resistance but also the virus itself can mutate to favouring the CCCR5 receptor to the CXCR4 receptor which is associated with the progression to Aquired immune deficiency syndrome.
  7. The only dissadvantage of Phage therapy is the immune system recognising it as foreign and thus can only be really used once. Phages are also temperature sensitive and their use for antibacterial therapy is a long way off. Also the half life of Phages is also limited and thus have to be kept in continual growth which in itself is a problem due to the purification process can damage these sensitive little critters
  8. There is also a virus which is known as tick borne encephalitis it is in the flaviviridae genus. which causes inflamation of the meningies (I can't remember how to spell I apologize) and thus is present within the CNS fluid. Encephalitis is also caused by HSV 2 whereby it is known to travel through the nerve ganglions however the process is not fully understood.
  9. hi guys new member here and am a PhD student within a Uk university working on Malaria and immunology and hope to give and receive really sound advice! Dnasis
  10. trypan blue is used as an cell exclusion method and thus when the cell membranes are intact then this should in principle exclude trypan blue due to selective pressures which is not seen in dead cells and thus the cells appear blueish which is lighter than the surrounding but darker than the background. With red blood cells, the cells themselves contain pigment and thus in trypanm blue appear dark purple to blue depending, also they are quite easy to recognise. using the haemocytometer should give a rough estimate and always start dilutions 1:10 first and then further until you count less than a 100. Alll samples should be throroughly mixed this also ensures that if an error in counting is encountered then this is across the board and thus takes variability out of the equation! hope this helps
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