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  1. Their gravitational effect can't be compared to the one of a whole star, imo. The mass of all our planets are about 1 to 100 in favour our Sun so planets can have almost no effect.
  2. The advancement in genetics is obvious and it is exponentially going further and further. IMO, genetic superhumans might be be very possible. But will it be ethical and will it cause more problems, rather than solving them? Here is an article I wrote for genetic perfection of our species on my own: http://scifi-real.com/playing-god-genetic-superhumans/
  3. For me science is God and it is in every object or being. It is just the ancients did not call it "science".
  4. I wouldn't say they've made it possible... Yet.
  5. I am not an expert in calculations, but shouldn't a nuke that can split a huge asteroid be of tremendous size? And how about the several remaining chunks that will still be relatively big?
  6. Wires will be a temporary thing (just like phones were wired). However, I also think that telepathy should be something more natural and including none of just a few mechanical enhancements. It is only a matter of time until more brain functions are discovered and understood, imo.
  7. A more precise definition will be given, when more scientists have the chance to review the data. 2 weeks is way too early to think on such a fundamental discovery.
  8. Hello! My favorite topic is astronomy and I hope some day interstellar travel will be possible. This forum contains a lot of interesting stuff.
  9. If we want to travel FTL we must think of ways how to surround the special relativity theory. My bets guess is warp drive. I hope my children will see it happening.
  10. What method of dodging the bas*ards is the easiest to achieve? http://scifi-real.com/how-to-avoid-impacts-with-objects-from-space/ I like the gravity pull one to nudge an object, but it takes ages and you must see it coming a long time before it collides with Earth.
  11. Those rat tests are showing amazing results all over the world. For instance rats got the ability to "sense" infrared light, connected to IR sensor via electrodes attached directly to the brain. More here: http://scifi-real.com/sixth-sense-brain-implants/
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