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  1. Wrong for the most part...basing this on scientific basis not morals per say. I am not going to argue. I am politely going to state my scientific basis sought defined opines for the record. I am against this one if anything involving acids harsh. Also punching pigs in the stomach like GM motors does for auto tests. I am against testing on animals when the results will be obviously torturous with obvious signs of howling pain. I find pointless the more shallow testing such as solutions being dropped into their eye. I say Humans simply don't need tests for dumb extras like shampoo. As for medicines I trust herbs cure most. But I am pro medicine experiments especially sedatives (instructing to someone). Since sedatives are most useful and accidentally end up being most humane. Animal testers are more frequently looking more for results of pain more than the pleasure of animal so that I find to be the disturbing factor. I am against dissecting on an animal while still alive. I am against this since life forms that are eaten are killed for a different purpose of immediate self preservation only. I do not see basis for the dissecting while alive or experimenting acts. They can always get dead animal pulled from a field somewhere to do gun shot blasting. SO I guess for the most part I don't get the need for whole experimenting thing. The majority of problems have been solved for man. SO I don't get the whole experimenting thing. I am fond of eating flesh. I am also fond of being as humane as possible.
  2. That was excellent. smooth explanation. ---------------- I think morals are from a long stream of humans educating themselves by trial and error and passed down stories of health and safety rather than do gooding. I trust that morals also were stolen from the pagans as opposed to being taken from organized religion ie. Christianity, Catholicism, Muslims, Buddhism as they are taught to have been today. And I do believe primates have the shared morals based only on the health and safety factors for their overall self preservation of a species.
  3. When the parent wants the child. As all situation are so different why on earth would everybody bark up the skirt of would be mother. I am pro life since I want fellow man to eat right (eat hunted game and not be harassed by PETA) and not be denied giving birth for any degree of diseases or a mental illness (thinking without patriotism and if the list of government mandates reads someday if disagree with some government war support and not patriotic enough then are found mentally incompetent). I do not buy that being pro life be an anti abortion stance alone. The Pro life of looking out for fellow man should occur everyday and not enough leaders activates enough or encourage this enough for the lives already on the planet. [i do not think the worlds overpopulated no not one bit either so thats not part of this reasoning.] I'll let each family do as they wish.
  4. The boron on tooth enamel or a human thigh I thought those were the hardest of the body. But of the universe that's too large a question for an earthling due to the undiscovered or else undisclosed materials that might be floating around out here. Diamonds are they hardest on earth well I think they are one of the most powerful (lasers) but not sure about hardness. I'll read up more.
  5. I have that same issue now: Only for certain pages however. Science Forums, The Original > Other Topics > Politics: This one particular: The depraved state of US politics http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=35147 You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: 1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? 2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. At the bottom of the page it says: You may not post new threads You may post replies You may post attachments You may not edit your posts How to remedy Sirs.
  6. I say spanking is not abuse. I say Spanking is separate traditional term for an act that should be allowed to stay a separate term from hitting. Hitting however is abuse. I must say that if the word hitting means being something more than spanking and other the definition of a application of light gentle but firm smack on the behind. (The smack on the behind for the intent and purpose of a slight temporary humility (that has the psychological short term effect of being humility) then that's alright.) Hitting however does not be alright. Not unless the child was about to an extreme danger and was running to wrong direction and there was destructive mechanism, force or animal or human that the child would meet with then the act of hitting being applied by the throwing of a hollow ball at his body or head might save him then please do so. Humility only to correct a current wrong; and not for some other reason or to encourage a long term humility. Furthermore Spanking's an act to be done by the parent or some legal guardian and NOT by the system or school administration.
  7. I don't buy into this warmer temperature of the planet earth has been created by humans and their carbon footprint. Carbon is not all powerful and neither are humans. I don't think those two forces combined have such power to knock the planet apart. I trust Al Gore be some sort of pawn to get everyone to spend more on green devices for large corporations that are now trying to break into the hippie market. Allow me to explain the problem I have with all of this: Ages ago the "green movements" did not even know about carbon footprints or have activities based on this theory. There was no such talk as they went about the simple businesses of picking garbage out of streams etc. since this was a noticeable improvement or the right thing to do. Then everything became based on carbon discussions and "green movements" were coerced to add this debate as a extra without long papers of scientific proof. The only long papers that exist on this subject seem to emanate from Al Gore and his government approved science wave riders for the future of multinational corporation profit enthusiasts. There's not yet enough definition to blame man yet in my book. But wait there's more. I also think another ice age will strike before the earth overheats but I won't get into that right now.
  8. Scientific observance: A. Hairy suits were available as hoax even during the eighteen hundreds . B. Indians are more convinced of bigfoot than others throughout the ages. C. Hypothesis: Since the 1800's many pioneers have wanted to scare Indians way from their camps. I think they did so by wearing hairy costumes handed down through the generations with their ignorant selves. Result: bigfoot be preposterous.
  9. I trust he gained some of knowledge by simply observances and the meditation of the possibility of a metamorphism for species to protect itself. That life forms are so capable of travel from one geography to another by floating or slithering somehow. He sensed that Geography has harsher elements at some paces and other places with a milder geography enable a slight adapting. I do not feel that he was trying hard to be an atheist or steer his ideas from that intention to go against organized religion grains. I think he was simply a modern mind and that earlier age. I believe great minds must think alike and believe that all sorts of adaption (s) are possible and necessary based on geographical circumstances; as well as the species known tolerance of what they are able to eat. (their own diet knowledge of themselves, their memory) The species intelligence and goal of self preservation moves him along adapting to all he seeks as his food.
  10. Many cultures believe the pole shift (magnetic reversal) had already occurred prior to scientist stating forthright on September 25, 2008 that this was indeed taking place. This pole shifting may be studied best by the studying the lava. Some force drives lava to occasionally reverse direction. Here's something about the lava effect: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/09/080926105021.htm How Long Does It Take for Earth's Magnetic Field to Reverse? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/04/040408085209.htm
  11. Well thanks for I was not aware of this. I still hate glutamate though. Has a noticeable taste. Does give migraines. (Thank god I despise little things named most cheese and the tomato.) Thanks for the food facts. Man alive that lactose intolerance labeled as a food allergy gets me riled. So many cultures Asian and African had not ever bothered to eat milk and have fine fit body. I do fine and have had great teeth and bones without milk. I will simply ignore the "you must be allergic" if you cant eat this" label.
  12. I eat raw flesh and drink bloody residue from meat juice. I doubt bacteria or e.coli will get me since I kill my own meat when I'm able and prefer to avoid industries name brands that are cheap-skate with their facility upkeep and sanitize poor (and have such free roaming protozoa). I trust bacteria 's not something that kills but rather only harmful bacteria from a poorly maintained big industry facility that does so. I refuse to eat pork. Pork has worse things going on that beef I tell you (having studied microbiology for a while). I don't like milk unless goat and raw. I say screw the FDA. They are just jealous they don't have my cast iron stomach. I respect vegans more than they would respect me. Vegans are not able to pursue the big industry so guess who they go after now. They pick on the poorer farmers and more humane hunters and backyard killing lamb owners. Many vegans are a bunch of 'farmer animal rescuers'. I have heard them recommend stealing animals out of someone's backyard if they think they're are going to killed for food. And taking farmers sheep and lambs or chickens to the SPCA! Many vegans are so out of touch with their fellow man and they don't realize that ruminant animals don't live as long as man and that throughout the ages animals water themselves and plants don't and are more simplistic and to deal with and had their forefathers not wanted to eat meat they would not be here with half a brain. Since fish supports big brains. I support that most animals [with the exception of and rarest species] [also excluding felines and most dogs since I think they would be nasty] are supposed to be eaten by humans and this be honorable act as long this be a humane as possible act. I have strong opinions on the subject of exercise and diet I suppose. I believe swimming be best for joints. I say running hard shouldn't be the norm and that taking all the pressure of running and that leads to arthritis earlier. A long forest walk be all that's needed and also fixes the olfactory sense so smell food best. I view exercise as trivial when aerobic and overly hunger inducing rather than helpful at weight loss. I think gentler movements and or Yoga assists weight loss more. As do thermogenic plants such as mustard, bitter orange and bitter melon. some have bigger bones than others so weight charts may quite well prove incorrect on certain levels. But face stuffing with fast food and noticeable weight gain from this source be an ignorance. I know more regulations are needed on for those corporations to not have such garbage available since quite similar to a hard drug. I believe everyone should get ninja style "flippamadoo" harness for the back pressure be relived by suspension upside down. Get massages also to reduce that joint gas buildup. I believe smoking a cigar be healthier than cigarettes. Since someone only inhales cigs since they are able but a bigger cigar deflects the amount of inhale one does anyhow [psychology]. Weeds totally grosses me out as smells like hair. So not thanks on that one. I believe that drinking should be limited and every three days. One cup of wine or beer with shot of brandy or gin drop into this cup should be that limit. I have such a love hate relationship with cheese. Today I think I hate all cheese. Tomorrow I'll probably eat a Gorgonzola experimental sandwich. For the days when I think I need some weight reduction I nibble on a bowl of beans or black eyed peas and some corn mixed. Usually I hate corn. Simply a mutant (and so are bananas ). Did I mention must have heirloom veggies and fruits to be pleased. If not at least a two hundred years old, not messed with genus then I don't want that crop. Since Beta carotene turns into vitamin A no-one on the planet need persuade me we actually need those carrots that the Dutch screwed up to turn orange. And since Lutein for eyesight come mainly for spinach I eat that steamed for night vision. I would like veggies but quite frankly they give me gas and haven't agreed as well as flesh, sashami sushi and fruits. Coffee mixed with creamer be the number one reason females get ovarian polyps. Men should eat watermelon seeds are they truly are natural viagra. I could preach on this subject all day long. Alright I am done for now.
  13. Are you also planning to market this genus you come up with?
  14. Cells need plenty of antioxidants to eliminate free radicals to be able to have healthy cells. I am not sure if older cells by this same means are able to become come younger again or whether they expire and there are generated new ones that will replace those. Pomegranate beat the amount of antioxidant from vitamin E and also beat the amount of antioxidants present that are found within vitamin C. Seems pomegranates have that free radical elimination cell boosting ability most as of current findings.
  15. Those had to be contacts. Someone's eye color being one different from the other on the same individual would be meaningless or a slight mutation benign of some sort. And yes this would be harmful to attempt to do to oneself unless an expert of lasers becomes involved... perhaps. Currently appears impossible with chemicals or lasers. Many persons eye color does slightly change over time becoming darker or lighter pigments since anythings possible at least with the human body and eyes experiencing some degree of slight graduation from one color to another. A drastic change however by material means would probably prove blindness. That's a neat picture of your son. I haven't got to see one like that before. [i know he doesn't have contacts; my earlier post was for the previous posts] Common in Siberians ? awesome.
  16. Ah. The merging of these two worlds of religion and science would be alchemy. May I recommend 'The Magus'. The science application mindset of the Magus was to Firstly learn the set of correspondences for all things. Correspond a planet to a color an and to element etc. long list of those. (general Wicca or Witchcraft or Spellcraft teaches that part.) Then set up a table somewhere to do some experiments. And don't let anyone tell you that the Magus or Witchcraft does not be scientific! Quite the contrary! Warning: Please Avoid Aliester Crowley at all cost. He was a dufus as he thought he allowed evil Satanic something's to possess him and produces no sense. He went crazy. So avoid his Thelema books. They are lies and against the true nature of paganism. And against scientific magic or alchemy. The Magus is one of the primary sources for the study of ceremonial magic. http://www.sacred-texts.com/grim/magus/ The pagans spell this as Magick with a k. So as not to be confused with theatrics. Magick and spells, elementals, faeries and wizardry are all part of science. Also avoid harry Potter as that stuff warps minds. Magick has mixture of prayer and correspondences applied for a intentions and wishes. Learn that and herbs uses correspondences be all set for that sort of knowledge.
  17. While a virus doesn't seem to have a positive use. I don't agree with virus having positive effect unless the after effects of how not to go overboard with man made antibiotics and to stick with ancient plants that have been proven over centuries reveals as the repelling force against viruses again and again. But a scientist must get a boost of self confidence when he or she becomes a problem solver and learn to study and eradicate a microscopic bad guy. So a psychological and or spiritual benefit might be possible. As well as a scientific herbal understanding. Since herbs eradicate them best without becoming mutated. I doubt a virus has a purpose since it is a mutation of some sort.
  18. Are meteor showers the same appearing all around the world? Or say do thy have 'Geminid meteor showers' around the entire world when they occur at the United States?
  19. I have air build up with my own joints all the time. So I pop. Appears eating dry processed foods adds to this sort of gas buildup and also potatoes. I read that magnesium actually strengthens bones more so than calcium. That the calcium be of no worry since that gets produced by the body but the magnesium doesn't get produced. I know that this does not be air but rather a gas. I also know this sound of popping does not come from the bones but rather joints and cartilage. I trust the gas buildup be from acidic food rather than alkaline. So what if sometimes we do refer to this air as we are not writing a 'pub med' doctrine or thesis but simply communicating to each other.
  20. Keep going to http://www.sciencedaily.com and then go to the labs researching this subjects. Get all straight from the horses mouths.
  21. Certainly if cooked or radiated milk then become as pus. Dead blood cells that encourage mucous. Since that's all milk be are blood cells. We need to eat whole foods with living bacteria and need to stop killing all of the bacteria eaten. I don't get the reason the FDA seeks to outlaw raw milk. As long as someone understands that eating ANYTHING can get them sick they should be allowed to do as they please. As foods are not reacting the same as psychoactive drugs. Rural small farms have time and again been proven to have less harmful protozoa than large industries. I am lactose intolerant unless goats milk. Goat and cow react different to the body with the goat being easier to digest (although both cow and goat are bovine and kin).
  22. I believe mild battery electric applications are fine and focus on zapping the protozoa that are harmful while leaving the rest of body alone. I have nothing against Doctor Hulda Clark methods. I also believe HIV to be protozoa that becomes worm parasite rather than virus.
  23. I do not believe "acid reflux "as a term be able to actually exist and/or as they state this term as the condition. I am going to have to fully disagree that be possible. The cells at the bottom of the stomach Parietal cells [epithelium cells] are needing to stay active therefor the stomachs main function is being permanently harmed by these drugs that are for "acid reflux" that are disabling this function. Aloe juice I believe to be the best cure. The aloe allows the function to occur while the cells are soothed.
  24. Hi I'm a twenty something woman studying chemistry on my own. I hail from Kentucky. I'm big on microbiology. I prefer metal music. I would like to study astronomy more. I get a kick out of reading about how to build robots etc. I like all these subjects. So free; free knowledge and power.
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