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  1. Yeah viruses can get ill. But this is a brand new discovery seems. This is new discovery separate from the bacteriophage subject. A group of researchers at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France were the finders. Here's the article: Even Viruses Catch Viruses By Jason Socrates Bardi, Inside Science News Service [posted: 28 September 2008 05:03 pm ET] http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/080928-virus-viruses.html
  2. There's the Author Deepok Chopra. He seems knowledgeable about such things.
  3. I hypothesize that most likely eight cups of water a day. Might that somehow got turned into eight glasses? Eight glasses has got to be two cups at a time. Kitchen measurements on glass term?
  4. All I was doing was saying "how about this" pineal gland. Has anyone arrived at the conclusion this area ought to be studied for serving any memory function at all. The thought to do so arrives from my own mind dude; since it can.
  5. Time slows down as acceleration increases; especially upon approaching the speed of light. This effect of time dilation on the amount of half the speed of light if cut to that 50% you would probably stay a moderate speed and not get so slow. Maybe Check these out: Gravity assist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gravitational slingshots offer a way to gain speed without using any fuel, ... dragged at the speed of light in the same direction as the black hole's spin. ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_assist How to Measure Gravitational Aberration? light. Earth’s trajectory. Figure 3. The speed of gravitational interaction c .... find that the decrease of the Moon’s angular momentum is negligible with ... journals.cambridge.org/production/action/cjoGetFulltext?fulltextid=1298008 I do not propose I know a bunch about this one. Just some interesting sites to check out. I do not propose I know a bunch about this one. Just some interesting sites to check out.
  6. Let me just say that I already know you require that from *everyone* on this forum. That's after all how a good and balanced scientist should operate. But If someone honestly can't see how I was stating that 'iNow' was being rude with asking me to leave with the foul manner and tone he used then someone's blind. (cough: mooey) The justified demand for proof was not all he was swinging at me just then. As opposed to the subject of being at "all defensive" about being asked to provide sources; which I certainly don't mind doing. No I am not personal with that at all. I only don't get iNow. But I take it he's not all that mature if he likes insulting someone a bunch. I try to find those references if I am able to find ones for the subject I am looking for to be able to state my point. I was not able to allocate those before now. I certainly do differentiate between the two positions > rude vs. asked for references; even extensive references. But I do not insult others like I have been done so. I do not even report others when there's the button to do so. I can see however that I have wasted my time here on this thread anyhow. I should not post "clique" sites. I don't have time for this. So I'll try to avoid "clique" threads from now on. Have fun with finding out more about milks properties and or safety. [This was alright practice for me to post elsewhere.] Cheers.
  7. Used to sarcasm by now. But I do have some supporting evidence now about the blood cells and whether they're there. Cow milk that's drank either pasteurized or unpasteurized DOES contain white blood cells. White blood cells = a leukocytes in blood stream or mammary glands and milk. excerpt: "data presented show a highly significant increase in numbers of bovine milk leukocytes, obtained from mammary glands of 13 cows irritated by sterile distilled water" http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1319501 Can J Comp Med. 1970 July; 34(3): 261–264. PMCID: PMC1319501 Copyright notice Enhancement of Phagocytosis in Bovine Milk Leukocytes in vitro F. H. S. Newbould Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario. That's all I want to share. When they state these as "milk leukocytes" that means found within milk.
  8. You will need government clearance to do this. I don't think they allow anyone messing around the Galapagos. Be wary of the law. Wanting to assist a species sounds great though. May I recommend Magellan GPS over Garmin. I think they have easier handling and have a better record at reaching remote locations.
  9. I'm sure your views don't like being challenge at all either. You so full of one liners and such a tool here running around spouting them. I might be incorrect on some level about pus being a worry. I hope that pus is not the worry; but I choose not to place that within my body. No actually I find this entire subject to be childish and you represent that with your rude comment rather well. Is something so far removed from the natural source good or bad? Most cases such is bad to ingest. No thank you for reminding me to search hard for some findings I am able to provide some day And ugh as for second post there...Human breast milk and cows milk both have the leukocytes so get real.
  10. Oh contraire there Lance...As far white blood cells being available to an udder yes they are present and present within milk. White blood cells are leukocytes. These are found with human breast milk as large component. These are also found within cows milk. This one's easy to find a source on: Infect Immun. 1980 May; 28(2): 314–318. PMCID: PMC550935 Copyright notice Bactericidal mechanisms of human breast milk leukocytes. D F Johnson, G L France, D J Marmer, and R W Steele http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=550935
  11. I have conducted several Internet searches with so many various terms and everything on this subject or raw versus pasteurized and or cooked (duh I know these processes are not the same thing but I found neither) appears to be so undisclosed to the public that are including 100% whole raw milk comparisons with pasteurized. I have used multiple search engines. But I have found something about statistic sites that do list the same data as recorded by scientists a long time ago. : http://www.livway.org/statistics.htmh ttp://www.blackherbals.com/your_state's_average_pus_count.htm I am not able to look all over and discover the data being hidden and undisclosed right now. Alright I'll leave this subject be now. At this point I don't actually want to go any further talking about this since if you all to consume twice dead cells thats fine with me.
  12. Yes I mean milk has large amount of white blood cells that are living. And that when those are heated they are killed and are dead. I see basis for there to be a difference of the effect on the body and health overall when eating such a large portion of these white blood cells at their dead state. I view these cells that are dead as the pus element.
  13. Those who favored scaring native peoples as a manner from their land be a fair scientific guess. Yes Caucasians capable of doing that scaring or any act against some natives would have been to Himalayas exploring during the eighteenth century before. Do you think the idea of hairy suits has not existed before pioneers. The idea of scaring someone out of the woods must predate the bible age.
  14. I know about the metaphor. And You are trying to get all serious about terminology with those two terms that are not all that separate with me on thread labeled... "BS"? Please quit trying to appear so fancy. ty.
  15. Alright thank you Very interesting. I have not studied meteor showers and their geographic location nor their cycles. How they are performing this showering. I must do so. Any more info. be appreciated. Thanks again.
  16. Neat. TY. Did you know that overcooked meats have more heterocyclic amines. The heterocyclic amines are formed during high temperature cooking. These are proving to be able to give Cancer now. The heterocyclic amines have been shown to cause mammary gland tumors in laboratory rats. Hence avoid high heat BBQ.
  17. Suggestion: http://www.fancydiamondinc.com/cushion_cut_antique_style_diamond_ring_C65.htm The traditional cut you spoke of. Add some copper as once was the corresponding to alchemists ancient metal of love. Shame copper's one of the softest metals. I dunno if you want to merge metals only or gemstones. If gems I recommend emerald or Jade. Neat to think about though.
  18. I approve of the homework help being separate. I think thats appropriate enough.
  19. That's hilariously accurate. Probably exactly how I would react. [Try not get near ladders around me for your own safety everyone]. Are we sure that there wouldn't be someone at fault for sure? Are there rules stating someone must provide a quick and sufficient explanation during a crisis and then wrap it up? If not and this act has led to some unfortunate event are there some force of law be able to pursue? I honesty wouldn't know how to say slang most of the time. If I had to phone the '911' service I would be worried about stating exact whereabouts, timing and structuring of the problem occurring. I would give such details they would be telling me to shut up. And there would be the end of many I suppose. sorries. I am beginning to think more and more like a computer. But of course I still am not advanced with mathematics. I favor descriptions.
  20. The sad thing being that most of this thread allow this themselves to be swayed by an unproven theorem about how carbon from humans must have some footprint thats warms this huge earth that they don't even fill up half of. Get real! I had no idea I was surrounded by such insolence. I shall persevere and cope somehow.
  21. The term Believe means sometimes when I use the term to me the same as if I had stated "I trust" and "I trust" would always mean to me the same as "I follow" or "I support this and that based on a certain scientific basis" that I have read from the extensive sciences about somewhere on the Internet. [Readings and report findings that I don't quite have time to post about sources right now. Or else nothing would ever get posted since pressed for time here. But I of course will certainly post most of the time] So I am not a blind faith follower [or even with a religion at all for that matter]. Hence there were not belief statements being stated alone with prior evidence of scientific data having been studied hard, assimilated and then basing the decision somehow. Didn't mean to seem misleading. Thanks.
  22. How's that so when I noticed another "atom" had recently posted there? Hrm sir.
  23. Mosquitoes prefer bananas on the breath to any other fruit or veggie scent. Mosquitoes prefer males to females (for the testosterone of the plasma level I'm assuming). Mosquitoes prefer babies or pregnant women to other choices of children or adult women.
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