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  1. it sounds to me like you have been getting electric shocks from somewhere. the only thing i know that would help would be to avoid psychiatry. this will just lead to problems such as medications and over involvement. you don't want them to interfere with your life. As a service user myself, i know that the odd electric shock is far preferable to medication. believe me.
  2. eigenfunctions are values of operators, so i hear. the subshells of atoms contain neutrons or protons and when the atom is excited some particles jump out to higher states... is this correct to say? in particle creation, so i hear, a photon is absorbed into a system. and when the particles annihilate a photon is released, right? but the two particles that are created have certain properties meaning that one is just like the other going backwards in time. so what we have now is a situation that involves a particle being created, emitting a photon, and then going back in time. that is my understanding. semiempirical equations, eigenfunctions, excited states, neutrons, nucleons, particles, atoms, and so on. this is physics language. light impinges upon certain molecules and the same reaction in return except this time with radiation. the molecules 'see' and gradually have learned to control the motion of atoms. And whether it likes it can make particles jump from state to state but of course, this is not clear. this is madness. but sanity is an equation.
  3. if they did exist would we experience these hidden variables from a consciousness perspective?
  4. hmm. i am thinking of how i could join these discussions...
  5. Oh, this confuses you, well okay, firstly spacetime can be thought of singularly, as one entity. General relativity translates to all phenomena, gravity, causality, consciousness and time. For a great analogy, see gravity on earth. Objects fall to earth, and earth is attractive, but, the actual effect is that the earth is accellerating outwards. Consider the thought experiment of the box shaped room floating about in space with an experimenter inside of it: if it moves upwards, the experimenter can upright himself on a wall of the box. This shows that the surface of earth is as if accelerating outwards. The same principle applies to time. The effect of time can be seen by looking at any object and imagining it to be accelerating outwards. This gives the effect that the object is moving through a fourth spatial dimension, time. dan
  6. It seems this getting philosophical means science needs to be redefined. But talking of the mind and time you must take consideration of Descartes thinking. Thinking coheres with mind, wanting certainty of existence is natural and you are satisfied with "I think therefore I am", because this thinking IS something. Let's imagine the physicality this proposition brings, having a concept close to the best we can get of time means the physicality of time. Therefore, if you like, what is needed is definition for this. If thirty miles an hour was light speed, and a driver of a bus has one passenger sitting on board travelling thirty miles an hour, the passenger would not feel time. Then, if a live observer outside watching it gets to see the passenger, he sees them inside the bus completely stationary. The passenger looks out to see the world stationary in state. The bus can move in all possible directions of space and a physical beam would be seen if thirty miles per hour was lightspeed. If the bus was moving right at lightspeed, you would see a beam. If it was moving backwards, then you would see a beam. If it was moving upwards, then you would also see a beam. The interesting question is what would the bus look like moving in all directions at once? Surely it would appear to us to be completely motionless. The bus would appear stationary and observers would watch the passenger without times experience. Similarly, the passenger seeing the observer would notice he was stationary. That is where the entropic state of existence gets brought forward. The bus is seen in slow motion but neither party experiences time. Lightspeed being constant means we can envisage what is called duality and because of this duality each party becomes dynamic, that is, it experiences motion. Over seeing lightspeed lacking constancy, everything would freeze and motion would not exist.
  7. Actually, theoretically, you would still see the light shining. the thought experiment is similar to the one where an observer travels alongside a light beam and does not see it frozen in motion. scientists think this observer might be witness to constantly moving light. The fact however is that the bulb is moving away, and so I suspect you wouldn't see a thing.
  8. Dan is my name. Scientist I'm not. I'm looking for the positive aspect of science, okay? I mean, the one that proves that the ethic that science can say THAT something happens, or HOW something happens is beneficial. I don't believe that science knows ever WHY things happen. Just how and that they do. Genetics is quite cool. How do i post a thread???
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