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  1. I'm not sure if I have used the QUOTE button correctly. I've never tried before. Dekan, is it? I am gobsmacked that you are so happy to openly display so much ignorance in so many fields, in your sweeping and laughable comments. It was commonplace for Europeans to stand or squat by roadsides, to defecate, in centuries past. Male and female. Certainly well into the 19th century. We also used chamberpots, during the night, or in cold, and in morning, in the cities, towns and villages, we threw it, often from bedroom windows, out into the road our houses fronted. The French had a well known yell of warning, when chucking the contents of their chamberpot, from above, into the street. The Royal French Court was infamous for STINKING of stale urine, as courtiers p*ssed against palace walls. In France, the custom carried on well into the 19th century, so that if you travelled and actually had knowledge of history, you would see, STILL in use, PISSOIRS, usually decorative, ornate wrought iron streetside places for men to continue to p*ss in the street, many made in the late 19th century, now set up with drainage, etc Often, they are only shielding passers by, from the sight of urination, by a decorative piece of iron, at low chest height, to knee height, if lucky. Regency Dandies in London, would often pay to be carried home in chairs, lifted by 2 men, holding the chairs off the ground by poles, so they wouldn't have to walk in old, raw sewage, lying in puddles on the street. There are so many ridiculous, ignorant claims in your loony declarations, I can't remember them, to actually address them. I believe there is a thread listed here, IS IGNORANCE BLISS?. I suggest that you read it. and submit your photo, so we can all see what bliss looks like. The toying with live and dead prey has nothing to do with cruelty. It is distressing to see, but that play is used in young animals, (usually those that are seen doing it), to improve hunting skills, to improve hunting technique, SO THEY CAN SURVIVE. It is not done when food is sparse. It can't be risked being lost. Most mature adults DON'T do it. Tho they will, when prey is plentiful, try to encourage their growing young to practise in play. Do not human hunters practise shooting before their first hunt? It is a skill that has to be learnt. It's just that we humans tend to kill from a distance, with overpowered rifles, and call it SPORT. Are they doing it to survive? In many cases, no. They live on McDonalds and beer and marry their cousins. Many do it simply for a trophy. ALL HAIL the MORALLY SUPERIOR SPECIES. I am just not in the mood to take smug ignorance bellowing they know all, when they are demonstrably SO IGNORANT, they are actually bellowing I am a SMUG MORON. Clearly, I didn't use the quote button correctly...
  2. So, speaking for the numerically illiterate, when I ended a sentence with a number and exclamation mark, I was 1) upsetting the mindset of a mathematician, 2) displaying my numerical illiteracy to all? So, no change, then... I'd just like to register a protest at the wholescale thievery of the already spoken for letters and symbols of the language of alphabets. It's not like you're thick. Keep to the original symbols you come up with, and leave us to bunker down with the last few letters and symbols we can be sure you haven't seduced and taken to your mathematical Las Vegas, where every figure probably has a 2nd, secret life, in an amoral, louche existance... To those who left, remember we will always love you, and you can always come home, even if your reputation is dust. Have you taken the innocence of alL, already?
  3. You can always get a kitten, in the kitten season. If you go to a quality rescue, the kittens and cats have had all shots, desexing, etc, and it is FAR LESS LIKELY you will take a kitten home and find it is ill and possibly dies, as happens regularly, if you get a suburban kitten, from a cat and kittens not protected from vaccinations. Often kittens in pet shops are from puppy/kitten mills. They aren't bred knowledgeably, for the most part, and haven't had good nutrition or vaccinations. I've lost count of the number of people with tales of distraught children getting a kitten from pet shop, that soon falls ill and dies. Remember, ALL kittens are cute, but within a couple of months, they look like an adult, and as kittens, you never know if your kitten will be bad tempered, or a slasher, as an adult. If you go to quality rescue, tell them what your dream cat is, personality wise, they KNOW the cats in their care. An adult doesn't change in personality, unless mistreated, or ill or in pain. THAT is the way to get a dream cat. Purebred cats DO come in, if you are prepared to wait, and nowadays, most individual cat breeds have a rescue/rehome section in the breed club/association. Many cats are from wonderful homes, lovely cats, only in rescue due to death of owner, illness and care home residency that does not allow pets, or sadly, at present, bankruptcy and loss of home. If you are a real animal lover, consider taking an established pair. They then amuse themselves, when you are out, they love each other's company. It is hard to find people who will take 2, and you, the rescue and the cats will be SO happy. Think about taking a 3 legged cat, and if it can have an indoor life, ideally, with dog safe enclosure, consider a deaf or blind cat, often overlooked but so grateful for a quiet, gentle, adult home. (Blind cats need NEAT people. It's mean to leave things all over the place, different, every day...) Also, please consider taking black or black and white cats. They are far less likely to be picked, JUST from colour, and so many more of them are PTS. If you are looking, hope you choose wisely, and have a very happy and long mutual lovefest. http://www.care2.com/causes/10-reasons-to-adopt-a-shelter-cat.html
  4. To see someone suffering, desperately wanting death... if it was done as gently and kindly as my vet PTS's my animals, it is an act of gentle kindness. My dogs are eating roast chicken, happily, as they get their needle. They die literally, in mid chew. Not a moment of suffering shown. If that person, in that suffering, WANTING death, costing thousands of pounds per week to keep alive, is given those resources, someone, somewhere else, WANTING life, needing treatment, is held up, in the public system, NOT getting the care they need because the funds/beds are not there. Many of these people are in the public system, often having not worked, with illness or injury. So those believing they are fighting for every life are in fantasy land. You are in effect, CHOOSING life for one, and so denying help to those who die, who desperately want life, because they can't get into the system, or who live in great suffering, because the op to help cannot be justified, when budget constraints mean those with less likelihood of survival, are denied, because that is the reality of budgets in hospitals, and that person, wanting death, is within the system, using a lot of funds. The reality of the health system is NOT PRETTY. To argue this, is without understanding that in refusing to help someone end their suffering, you also often block someone from the gift of life they are desperate for. the quality of life they could have, but for funds. The hospital system is not funded by a fountain of money, directed wherever needed. I DON'T use this to push for the poor to be PTS. The wealthy may have the money to pay for an extended life, but if they don't want it, with their quality of life, their wealth may be seen as an unending open cheque by a private hospital. I find it madness that many who screech at the sanctity of life, often don't care enough to fight to save whole species of healthy animals, that are hunted, slaughtered for recreation and thuggish pleasure, whittled in numbers to extinction, whilst bleating that great grandpa, now a wasted, ,suffering, rarely conscious poo and urine machine, has another 6 months of life dragged out, with the use of multimillion dollar equipment, against his will, when rational. There are NO UNLIMITED funds for hospitals. Machines keep people alive when in reality, they would be long dead. If that is what they want, that they fight for every breath, fine. If they are begging to be let go, it is extremely cruel and cowardly, to refuse them. No one sane takes pleasure in killing, but as every vet will tell you, when it is time, when there is no more to be done, and suffering will simply increase. To not help, would, I am sure, haunt doctors FAR MORE. I must say, I am not in the health system. but have lost family, who declared loudly and repeatedly, if I am bedridden, if I am a helpless, undignified mess, tell every doctor, no feeding, no drawn out life. Lots of painkiller and keep upping the dose. Luckily, my mother dropped dead in a chemist's shop. I know she would have been pleased with that, tho FURIOUS she had just spent a packet on dental care. Similarly, tho I am left wing/intellectual/compassionate in leaning, there are cases where particularly sick murderers, in clear cases, I think could well be PTS, not as punishment, but as you would PTS a rabied dog. Like that Finnish?chap. He will cost a fortune to keep in isolation, his health, his guards. That same money would save the lives/improve the lives of kindly, loved and loving people who can't afford private health care. Every year, more people could have had the help they needed, to live or to return to mainstream life. He killed so many, he's identified, the case is open/shut, he admits it, and he is quite happy to die. That money could be used, for decades of his potential life, saving/helping people suffering/dying now. Or spend it on saving an endangered species.
  5. PARSLEY. I favour flat leafed, aka Italian/Continental, and CHIVES can perk things up. I guess you need CLASSIC MINT, use in mint sauce, if you eat meat, or for adding to salads, drinks - one unusual but nice SIDE salad, is diced beetroot, sour cream and common mint. Sounds erk, but is really nice. You could get other mints, but you may have to grow apart. Remember they tend to take over, if happy, so grow in a pot. If tight space, you can put the pot in middle of round/square bed as focal point, and keep trimming it, so hanging pieces don't get the chance to take root. I also LOVE coriander, I think called CILANTRO, in the U S. NASTURTIUMS, look pretty, can put flowers and leaves in salads, (peppery taste). I'd put in some ruffled mixed colour, LETTUCE, in any gaps. Look pretty, and always useful, cost more to buy, and growing, you can just take outer leaves, and grow/use them longer.. GARLIC, easy. Or, if garlic is a bit strong, try GARLIC CHIVES. Much milder, a flatter leaf, than normal chives. You could also get a BAY TREE, keep in large pot, keep trimming, to keep small. Just pluck a leaf ot 2, if doing a casserole. What climate? Do youhave pets?
  6. http://www.care2.com/causes/nc-ignores-science-tries-to-make-sea-level-rise-illegal.html
  7. http://www.wired.com/magazine/2012/02/ff_jerusalemsyndrome/all/1
  8. If I was buying, I'd be more interested in nonfiction, as a fundraiser Everyone telling their favorite, science linked stories of discoveries, observations, etc. Great to inspire teens with a science interest. Great for Xmas presents, if they lean that way.
  9. Would that occur high enough to make that much difference? I'm told that they also cause deaths from air pressure changes, rather than being hit by a blade, so would this mean dying bats and birds occasionally hitting windscreens? I put my hand up to not knowing, just being told, I think on QI, but then QI can be wrong, regularly enough to still have to check.
  10. http://www.care2.com/causes/the-u-s-is-spending-your-money-killing-innocent-wildlife.html If you are American, look into what is happening to wolves in America, in particular. Even newly introduced foundation stock, still wearing tracker collars, shot, pregnant, or set upon by dogs for entertainment
  11. I did view, but I don't really like sci fi, unless funny. Douglas Adams, Tom Holt, etc. Felt I had to explain why I felt I couldn't contribute or answer. Read mainly non fiction. Tom Holt started one story with the main character finding himself sitting next to a dead fighter pilot, in the fighter, during WW2, I THINK I recall. I think I read it over a decade ago. I liked that start. Quirky
  12. sorry if I put it in the wrong spot. Just thought it interesting, and as an atheist, supporter of gay equality with straight people, I would like to know if someone was spending profits in a way that would upset me. I almost never buy takeaway, once in 3 or 4 years? Had never thought about it, and just thought others would like to know. Left it as neutral as possible, in initial entry. Some may favour these businesses. I just think we should know. In Oz, I only recognise one name, but I'd like to know about the obsessions of a lot of these major businesses' owners.
  13. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-07-25/which-fast-food-chain-is-the-most-religious
  14. Thanks for the extra info. It's nice to be able to share chance finds like this. I gather it does? Makes me feel a meeting of the personality of the researcher. A sense of humour, and a heads up, for anyone thinking of taking it further... like them
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