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  1. for some resion i can not edit the post now its bean moved so i am adding here that i welcome any ides related to this. as well as comments
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    Europe is a good ider that got out of hand i am British and pro European but even i feel that the EU is going to far and has a lot unneeded crap. the constant moving between 2 country's for example is an unneeded expense and the common agriculture policy is a throw back to the past that is only there to keep the french happy. there is also the problem of a common currency without a common fiscal policy. despite all this the eu will survive but it whount be the same there will need to be a two level Europe level 1 for the country's using the euro with closer political integration level 2 for the country's like the uk who wish to keep they'er original currency there also needs to much more democratic accountability with any country's in the level 1 group having a direct say on the fiscal polity that governs it. wile giveing the countrys in level 2 the option weather to follow the lead of the level 1 group on a case by case base.
  3. transmuting electricity threw air tho possible is terribly inefishent and dangerous as its basicly a lightning bolt better ider whould be to convert to a laser or outhe em wave and transmit to photovoltaic cells or what ever worcks best for your chosen em however you still have problem of line of site ect and the feather the energy is transmuted the more power is lost
  4. hey all i'm lowten a 26 year old guy. without much of a background in science beyond my a level education in bio chem and phis. i come up with a lot of hypothesis that i cant test and instead of letting them rattle in my head wee they can do no good i thort that it was better to get them out there were anyone can use them or point out were i have my head stck up my _ss. my outer interests include. politics and descusing the merits and problems of religen and its fundamentalist followers from an non religuse view point
  5. ok i have an hypothesis and i don't have any way to test it nor do i have the right kind of know how. however i think i may know why the stars ext are speeding up away from the 'big bang' to use the most simple term ok first i will set out the asumtions i am using (based on papers i have read writen by peaple much more knoligeble than i 1. the universe is expanding 2. the stars and outer matter is speeding up 3. the higs field give's the matter mass 4. the energy of the higs field is finite so my hypothesis go's like this:- as the universe expands the higs participial that make up the higs field are sped thinner this has the effect of lowering the mass a partial has. as it has less higs partials locally to interact with. so my hypothesis is that the increase of the valosity of the matter is due to the loss of mass wile keeping the energy that was moving it previously . it is also poseble this could explain some of the 'missing mass' from the universe its not that we carnt find it but that matter had more mass in the past. if anyone out there can use this feel free as i can not if anyone know's of a resion why i am or may be wrong feal free to post it (rather not live in ignorance) nb: if this leads to a brake threw or somthing for someone please let me know i dont want credit or anything but i would at least like to know about it ps sorry if this is in the wrong aria new here
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