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  1. Charon thanks the advice bleach is probably why all the teeth fell out
  2. Thanks arête I will try and boil it today! Last night I soaked it in bleach. I pulled it out and dryed it off but it still smelled of rotting flesh. So apparently I haven't cleaned it well enough.
  3. Hello as my name suggests I am the mother of two little boys. I have allowed them to guide their own learning and the result was they love all things nature. mommy doesn't always have all the answers they need. Their main interests are paleontology and geology. Although their latest hobby is trying to identify edible plant species on our nature hikes. We have already found wild sand plums and turned them into jelly!
  4. My toddler is obsessed with skeletons so when we past by a dead cat on the side of the road that seemed mostly decomposed and asked if he could have it I couldn't resist. It only had fur left but no real "meat" to it. I got gloves and pick up the head and brought it home. I have already peeled the fur from it. Now how do I sanitize it well enough for him to play with? I was thinking a bucket of strong bleach water fiollowed by air drying in the sun?! Any advice welcome!
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