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    For the first one, if you do not want to open this discussion with lecturers from USA/uk/France this is your choice, I did not say that by magic, they are not my words but I agree because I can compared. For the second one, it is just to help you, because the media are forwarded on youtube, obviously you could go on website like the bbc or french media but you have to use the research button (as it will not be on the first page as some report are old) but if you want to go that way. I'm waiting for your clever point of view, oh wait you didn't stated anything, could you try again?
  2. Tom_Sg


    Agreed. We should do like the Chinese do. We allow the foreigner brands to sell in EU (in the country) like Toyota/Sony/Bandai/..... (only example not really think about the relevantly) only if they had a local factory.
  3. Hello, I am 20 and I f***ing miss sciences since I swapped my degree. I was looking for a good science forum and I hope that it's the one! What I love in sciences? Astrophysics. Thanks and see you around, Tom
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    I'm writing about the EU with a French point of view (even if I am not in France anymore) - for the education part, this is a shame to open our system (even if it needs some update) to the whole EU, because we had one of the hardest high school/university programme in the Europe (and I know my subject I am currently studying in uk) the only positive side is that we can travel easier than before and I think it's really important to be able to "move" as our society is not supposed to stay immobile. (especially for our scientists) For the economy, well we should have done the same thing than the British and kept our own currency because we see our limit when a case comes up like the Greek one. I think people who are saying that the EU is making progress are not from the EU because you can see from the inside that it's the opposite, tension are higher than never - we accepted so many corrupted countries (Southern Italy, Eastern Europe, ...), all the money was wasted (you can check it on youtube the amount of report is legion). So now the only solution is to undo the EU or to clean it before getting trapped. I don't really want to talk about loan and stuff because this is the biggest joke in our decade even the war in Irak wasn't that bad. (and NO I am not supported it, it's just 2nd degree). P.S. Cameron wants to do a referendum about the EU. - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/9595656/David-Cameron-referendum-on-EU-is-the-cleanest-neatest-simplest-way.html P.S.2 I am currently watching the nobel peace in Oslo .... Cameron is not there due to their argues on the new european budget.
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