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  1. yes I do, esepecially if you aksed the girl out
  2. wow! That is pretty werid :/ Really not sure what it loosk like
  3. Intresting! Thanks for sharing this
  4. well said @moontanman. also it does not alwyas have to be about looks, it can be about persoality to and other factors
  5. Faith is a very strong thing. You can have faith in something you believe in or it can give you strenght inside.
  6. I think it may be expanding and not collapsing
  7. I always try to make sure the sources I use are accurate! Sometimes the ones I pick arn't right :/
  8. I would say everthing it is.. it does not need to have a heart or pulse
  9. That is a tricky question! I think it does.. things have to end :/
  10. I remeber this.. it has been a while lol
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