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  1. Wow iNow you really do your research! I bet every report you have done you make a A or 100 on it! I guess everyone we can agree that the water supply takes $ to build and supply as if it wasn't enough you need power maybe I just be a little more optimistic about it but for now atleast we have water supply. thanks for your time everyone.
  2. @insane_ailen no, okay I'll explain again Enviromentalists predict in the next 20 years the earth will really be affected by pollution because the ocean level will rise, energy for electricity, gas for cars, and water will start to get really short. But, Enviromentalists have different solutions for how to keep the water supply full. There is a few suggestions. I'm just suggestiing how to supply the water offshore with ocean water. @Cap'n Refsmmat I see what you mean that does sound like it would cost billions and billions of dollars thanks.
  3. Okay I have this really puzzling question. People say years from now that the water supply will get really low.But we have miles of ocean that can be used and purified. Suprisingly we can't get it from the ocean to the purification place. I have a solution though or atleast a hypothesis to solve the problem. Why don't we just use them like to phone cables in the ocean? They travel along the ocean to the purification! Please state your flaws with my idea, your own ideas, etc.
  4. They could have where when ISS starts to decay they travel the chip from computer chip to a satelite close to it, Then they build another ISS, they put the chip back, and the cycle continues. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAnother thing by the way What if their are other variables? What if you don't have future relatives? What if the languages change? How would they know you're they're relative? What would you even say to them? What if someone destroyed it would you be prepared with more? This takes a lot of thought.
  5. Why not place it into binary code in a computer chip! You could put it on the ISS orbiting earth. It also could not break the rule it has to be on earth because it is still in or close to earth's atmosphere!
  6. I have to go with nitrogen.freezing things is cool
  7. Hi I'm Ifinitebrain and I want to dedicate my life to science
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