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    How would they transport material to the opposite part of the Earth? Yes. I've read that entanglement is independent of distance. Is this a fact or a theory? So, entanglement and its purpose remain a mystery—yes?
  2. Hello to all: I'm a fine artist, writer, and kiteflier of some note. In my book, An Artist Empowered, I included a chapter on Art & Physics. There are many parallels between the two. I'm writing a novel that takes place in an alternate universe that includes practical applications (fiction for now) of quantum physics.
  3. Entanglement: 1) How do physicists physically separate two particles? 2) When we read that when one particle is observed it will instantly mirror its partner on opposite ends of the Earth or the universe, how would they transsport that particle to that far distant location? I would appreciate a reply in more layman's terms. Thanks.
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