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  1. My intent is not to hijack. My intent is to reply to the thread and questions asked me. I have stated, "Gravity is a perceptual illusion." I have also expressed a willingness to provide models if persons are willing to set aside certain presuppositions that would make understanding my models impossible. I have a few private conversations actively discussing models that unfortunately can't fit into your rules. I do understand your complaint and will keep my critiques minimized. I do plan on starting a FB group or two that can focus on higher-level understandings.
  2. I am not a Mathemagician and the rules are custom fit for the insane determinations of mainstream science-minded folks who have blocked learning by cementing concepts. I have the same battle with so called, "Rational Scientists," who claim their objectivity and observerless data. They define their terms to custom fit their presuppositions, but even with their naïveté about objectivity they are a big leap ahead of you and your science-kind of minds. I do communicate with like-minded folks who have the skill set to explain some of my assumptions to you but you could not handle the out-of-box thinking required to even entertain the premises. First, to prepare oneself to learn anything from me and those like-minded, one must have an understanding of how perceptions and conceptualizations are related, and you provide no evidence of the capacity to even comprehend such a state of mind. Any science-minded person could achieve an adequate mistrust in facts from history, facts of potential, and most important what is preceived as facts derived from body-sensory-input devices. Furthermore, trusting that insufficient data to be accurately complied by a blob of organics dwelling in skulls compounds the distortions and limitations to conceptualized an infestismal bit of reality. Nothing personal, you are only humans, frail, dumb as dog dodo, and think pomp, circumstance and scrolled lambskin make you special, when in fact, it only keeps you stupid. The pathway from understanding to Knowledge is a terribly difficult process of unlearning. Yes, undoing, shedding, forgetting everything you have learned about everything and starting from scratch. No, I do not believe you have the foggiest idea of what I speak, only a rare few have even an inkling. Then why do I even bother? Good question if you had lucked into such a question. Yes, luck, that is your slim hope out of your mental fog, hope that someday this seeming-nonsensical writing triggers a spark within your mind. Perhaps in a dream or just in an instant, a flash the folly of your assumed-solid facts crumble and let's you get a glimpse beyond your own obstructions.
  3. The is no error on my part. You, on the other hand, have smoke screened yourself into dumbfounded conclusions and evidence that does not prove what you says it does. You are playing silly games with numbers and concepts that you hulucinate into physical form. You are the one not learning.
  4. What amazes me is the fools who still join themselves with concepts of absurdity, that is making an idea, 'time' and it have physical form. Please gather up some of those time particles and mail them to me. Until the science-minded establishment gets the guts to admit the lunacy of SpaceTime fabric warping to explain gravity this planet will remain stuck in stupidity.
  5. Edition'so experiment only proved light curved, that's it, nada, zip, nothing else. The cause you claim is not proven. Other causes of light curvature are possible without gravity.
  6. Numbers and symbols to achieve an understanding about reality are better off left to the Mathemagicians. Same with philosophy, religion, or physically observed experiments even with technological enhancements the information, data, from any discipline still has to be inputed into the organic skull-dwelling blob by inept human-sensory collectors. The ridiculious fabrications manifested keeps human stuck in a trance of make believe. For instance, time and time again, I have repeated that time is human-construct, imagined in intervals for multiple purposes. Too many science-minded folks are so untraced by the fabricated for of time that is so deeply buried in their unconscious and predispossings that it smoke screens reality. Time is nothing. It is not part of anything. It has no physical form, it has not coupled with anything except for the dull-minded folks who lace the fortitude to scratch time off the list of any factors they have previously considered. "Don't take my time away," their puny little egos cry. Time given numbers is furthering the delusion of time-existence. Time used in measuring is so insane that the crazy can't help but believe it. Untill the science-minded folks figure their way out of the fantasies not true thing will be understood. The only time related term that deserves any consideration is "Simultaneous." The so called "...past...future...present..," all happen Now, and Now has no form. Einstein's work as an example is so silly, I waste no time with it anymore. I'll take that back. C^2 the most impossible has merit. But, that not up for discussion until somebody teachable comes along.
  7. I am not a philosopher. I am wasting time with folks who must have time in 'form' to make-up theories and tests to prove them. This is not the forum that will work.
  8. Does the moment that happened just a moment ago still exist? Does the future end when it is now? Man made-up time. To measur intervals during now. As soon as a nano-second occurs it is gone forever. Any use of time in form or concept is a construct of the human mind and is not real. To do experiments involving time is pure fantasy and can only prove more fantasy. Even measuring velocity incorporating time further clouds reality. The problem with sciences is they all involve observers, even rational scientists who claim they remove the observer from their aussumptions are deducting based of some observation made at sometime. What I think science-minded folks need to accept is that body-sensory devices are too frail and inadequate to collect sufficient data to compute with body brains that distort, filter, and delet data for processing. Human body sensory devices enhanced by technology bare make I dent in surmountable information necessary for accurate evaluation of reality. Further, distortions with numbers and factors and constructs that defy reality can be nothing more than the building of religion. And, the non-conformists are ridiculed and cared out because they don't by into the trucks scientist pull on the gullible.
  9. Provide one single thread of evidence that proves time has physical form.
  10. It's really quite simple. Photons have a curved trajectory because of multiple-directional forces because of a self-tucking structure.
  11. Don't let me waste your time, because you surely are with me. What? You don't think I understand your science mind? It's no surprise you come back at me with your believed facts. Science has turned into religious dogma for most of you guys, alternative ideas you treat like "Sin," get that hermitic out of here, chain him in the dungeon.
  12. It has already been proven by accident trying to prove Eintein: "Einstein predicted that light should be bent by gravity. Sir Arthur Eddington lead an expedition to photograph the 1919 Total Eclipse of the Sun. The photographs revealed stars whose light had passed near to the Sun. Their positions showed that the light had been bent exactly as Einstein had predicted. The experiment was repeated in 1922 with another eclipse with the same confirmation. Answered by: John Pindar, B.S., Physics teacher (Secondary), Newton-le-Willows, UK" Either Albert was joking or making fun of the science minded. However, this proves light has a curved trajectory, it is the why that was wrong. Skedaddle, get over there and spout off your theory, you are messing with our made up minds, isn't that what you mean? This forum, "Why does mass curve space-time," caught my attention because of its absurd premise.
  13. Yes, of course it is. In order to process the theory, first time to switched back to a verbs. Without that first step it is nothing more than overfilling an already full vessel. My theiry undoes SpaceTime-fabric warping to produces a gravity-like effect. It is only a few that are willing to toss out the mad idea of turning time into physical form. Let alone being able to cognitively shred the fabric of SpaceTime would require a lobotomy or a rare open mindedness. Most would rather insult the messenger and message in preference to abolishing all their pomp and circumstance, lambskin scrolls, and whistling in the dark founding sources. Something as simple as admitting that time is not a physical form blocks the science-minded in lala land. But, thanks for the discussion. If anyone out there in cyber-world reads this and thinks they are ready to overcome the effects of one little noun please chim in.
  14. Yes, I am denying curved space, curved SpaceTime and tests proving otherwise. All physics is flawed in trying to explain or describe "Gravity." Rather than warped SpaceTime fabric explaining gravity and light being influenced by that same SpaceTime warping, it is solely the behavior of light. The same measurements could be made without the ludicrous and mad idea of of turning time and space from verbs to nouns. That's why Einstein stuck his tongue out at the gullible science community. Please capture me some time particles and mail them too me, I could use a few extra years. I use the term, "Photon," loosely.
  15. Geodesics are curved. "Photons," as you call them, don't follow the path they make the path.
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